6th Craft Spirits Celebration: Party All the Time

6th Craft Spirits Celebration: Party All the Time

As a contributing writer for the The Flaviar Times I am lucky enough to get invited to some grand events. During a rainy, slightly humid day in October Houston Hall was THE place to be. It was home to the 6th Annual Craft Spirits Celebration, hosted for the second year in a row by Flaviar.

Since the collapse of the Manhattan Cocktail Classic events like this have become a treat for consumers, thrilled enthusiasts and industry talent. Flaviar threw a spectacular affair by focusing on some key elements- Guests, Spirits, Food and of course the Venue – and they did not disappoint in any category.

The Guests: No Jacket Required

Knowing who to invite to a social occasion is key. Members of the Flaviar family, their friends, guests, and social media influencers (like myself) were treated to ample pours from over 100 (old and new) Spirits across 40 different brands. We were fed scrumptious bites, posed for Instagram worthy photos for a # contest and listened to killer beats by a DJ in a locale that’s famous for its party vibe.

The Spirits: Top Shelf and Beyond

Spirits? Ha! I ain’t afraid of no ghost barrel. This celebration was pack with some of the best high end brands - Whistle Pig, Woodford Reserve, Widow Jane, and Four Roses. All were instant hits with the crowd.

Besides the Holy Liquid Trinity of Rye, Whiskey, and Bourbon - Everyone imbibed on samples of top-shelf Vodka, Gin, Rum, and Tequila from distilleries as close as New York City (Our Vodka) and as far away as Oz’s Starward Whisky. (That’s Australian for Whiskey, mate).

(Not So) New Kids on the Block

As much as I enjoyed some of my old favorites, it was the newer, lesser-known bottles that caught my eye (and palate). And I was not alone, many of the newbies and well-seasoned patrons lined up to try samples from - Balcones, Catoctin Creek, Breckenridge, and Virginia Distillery Co. These enduring brands opened their portfolios to the crowd. They poured amazing Ryes, stunning Whiskies and sensational Bourbons for all to enjoy.

Malted Mash-Up

There was a special treat for all who attended. We were given the chance to taste something new. A rare blend from the Pittsburgh Distilling Company, LLC. Their brand, Wigle Whiskey created an experiment based on the suggestion of the hosts - Flaviar. A combination of Wigle’s Malted Rye and Malted Barley aged together to form a Bespoke Malt Blend. This mash-up proved to be a big hit and was well received by all. The only sad faces were on the late comers who missed out on a chance to taste...or did they?*

The Food: Bites N’ Delights

Houston Hall brought their Grade A game. The venue has never failed to satisfy hungry imbibers and the Crafts Spirits Celebration was no exception.

I watched as guests ate delicious Shrimp sliders that were prepared to go with any of the Scotches served. A delightful edible mix of the Shrimp’s chewy, Sea salty nature was enjoyed with the peppery, earthy Peat of BenRiach’s Malted Scotch and the Glenglassaugh’s Single Malt. Both proved to be an excellent chaser to the sliders.

It was a sight of pure cuteness to wacth a couple of friends formulated a plan of attack. She got the sliders while her partner in crime got the Scotch. They meet in the middle for taste nirvana.

One of my favorite bites was the Sashimi Tuna Tacos. It paired well with the Gins from Seattle’s OOLA Distillery. My second helping proved that Ilegal Mezcal was a good choice as well. I experienced a polite delicious balance between the Tuna’s meatiness and the OOLA’s silky, Juniper based Gin. Each bite and every sip enhanced the night and made my tummy go yummy.

The Milk Truck’s classic grilled cheese sandwich found a perfect pairing with The Glenlivet 12. Even though there were a few good Irish Spirits that came close. I had to go with one of my longtime love, Glenlivet. MT’s toasted carbs n’ cheese was a solid choice to go with the Vanilla richness of Glen 12.

As the night moved on, delicious Mini Pulled Pork Sliders appeared from the kitchen. They vanish into the mouthes of hungry imbibing patrons. I managed to grab a slider and chase it with a shot of Sagamore Spirit Rye. My second choice would have been Four Roses had it been closer to the serving table. All in all, it was carefully crafted Foodie dream of salty, nutty, sticky sweetness followed by the good burn of a well- crafted, high proof Spirit.

Closing Time

I was thrilled to be part of a drinks friendly, fun loving crowd. The combination of Spirits, food, and venue made this one of Flaviar’s best events to date.

All good parties prosper or fail on those pillars. This event put smiles on members' (and mine) faces, hearty food in our bellies and high-end Spirits in every glass. Next year’s party promises to be on par, if not better.

*Our Gang

As the saying goes, membership has its privileges - Take a minute to join the Flaviar family so that next year you can be a part of all Flaviar events and other perks. Speaking of privileged perks - *That Wigle Bespoke Malt Blend x Flaviar will be available for Flaviar members to buy in December 2018. The catch - They made only 100 bottles. So, join, buy, imbibe, and enjoy.

Check out #tastingisbelieving on Instagram for other impressions from the event from the Photo contest. Feel free to share your favorite Spirit and moment from the 6th Annual Craft Spirits Celebration. Looking forward to seeing all the members (old and new) next year.


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