Agave is Not Just for Tequila, You Might Soon be Able to Fly With it

While Tequila is and will remain our favourite agave product, some smart Aussies are making plans on using it to fly.

Biofuels organisation Byogy Renewables and AusAgave Australia started a partnership to develop numerous feedstocks and low-cost sugars that will be used to produce renewable jet fuel, gasoline, diesel, and chemicals.

Feedstock costs account for more than 65% of fuels’ final cost, but agave has the potential to produce ethanol yields of 10,000 litres per hectare per year, substantially more than sugarcane and with twice the sugar content.

“The results of our recent harvesting programme have already proven our efforts to substantially increase sugar yields and decrease delivered sugar costs for select agave species, and we fully expect to continue decreasing sugar costs over the next few years,” said Don Chambers, CEO of AusAgave.

This is an excpert of the article that was originally written by Melita Kiely for The Spirits Business. You can read it here.
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