Flaviar Grows First Booze Tree, Science Baffled

Flaviar Grows First Booze Tree, Science Baffled

Money doesn’t grow on trees, they say, but nobody said anything about bottles. The top-secret R&D department of Flaviar has been working tirelessly on engineering a plant that would produce fresh bottles of fine Spirits.

After years of trial, error and even creating a bottle that grows trees, we finally did it. We’ve created the dramberry tree, or Dramus Domestica Flaviaris, in Latin.
The tree is a hybrid of an appletree and a specially-designed military-grade Tasting Box. We’ve designed the plant to grow various Spirits categories by careful gene manipulation, although the first tree seems to produce Flaviar Exclusives only.

The blooming season is right now, and we’re harvesting the bottles before they’re fully ripe, so sometime in August.
The inaugural harvest will be auctioned off to Flaviar Members at a special event in September, with all proceeds going into the next project: splicing human DNA with a Single Malt.

Stay tuned for more!

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