Do You Remember September? It's All about Bourbon

Do You Remember September? It's All about Bourbon

September is National Bourbon Heritage Month. That might not mean much to the members of the Teetotalism party but to the rest of us - The imbibers, the Bourbon enthusiasts, the distillers, and all the way to the casual Bourbon drinkers, it means plenty.

It’s a reason to celebrate from September and beyond. It’s an opportunity to invigorate old and new Bourbon lovers. Doesn’t matter if you stay home or hit the trail, National Bourbon Heritage Month can be enjoyed however, whenever or where ever you want.

History 101 of Bourbon Heritage Month

National Bourbon Heritage Month was given to the imbibing public on August 2nd, 2007. Introduced by Kentucky Republican Senator Jim Bunning - it asks that anyone who appreciates Bourbon to celebrate that love with responsibility and respect throughout September. (This is where we raise a glass in honor of Senator Bunning.)

Besides turning September into the *Fourth of July for Bourbon, his bill did two things - it solidified the creation, the culture, and the craft of the Bourbon industry as a proud chapter in the storybook of American history and it reinforced a 1964 Act of Congress that declared Bourbon "America's Native Spirit".

Drunk History of Bourbon

In 1964 (During a time when the government did things for and by the people.) the United States Government gathered together to form a perfect union of celebration and regulation. It was an Act made to protect and define what Bourbon was and where it was made.

You’ve passed History. Time to Party-

Celebrating National Bourbon Heritage Month can be as simple as raising a glass filled three fingers high with Bourbon or as adventurous as hitting the Bourbon trails with friends and family.

Happy Trails

Whether amateur or seasoned enthusiast, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail is not to be missed. A 14-distillery adventure with a focus on respecting the history and culture of Whiskey while visiting some of Bourbon’s Holy cities -Louisville, Bardstown, and Lexington. It’s an opportunity to light up a cigar, sit back, slip slowly and take in the stars while you listen to crackle of bonfires and tales of bootlegging.

Start at the start

Visit the Kentucky Bourbon Festival. From September 12th - 16th you can experience barrel making or sit in on a class that examines Bourbon’s base grains (Rye, Corn, Malted Barley, and Wheat). Get your hands and face messy with some delicious Kentucky BBQ while eating with distillers and Bourbon decision makers. Each night is filled with local KY bands to help you party like a Rock Star - Please note: Groupies are NOT included.

All Aboard!

As it’s mid-September, a trip to the KBF might be a bit last minute. And since Staycations are the rage, you could let the barrels come to you.

Presented by the four jewels in Beam Suntory’s crown -Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam, Knob Creek and Basil Hayden’s. The Bourbon Legends Boxcar Tour plans on making four stops until November 2018: Denver, Houston, Cleveland and New York City. Bourbon lovers who are interested in attending must RSVP 24 hours in advance.

It’s a Bourbon fueled Orient Express minus the mystery and Poirot's mustache. Pick your city, RSVP and hydrate!

The Weekend. No, not the singer!

Bourbon and Beyond - Towards the end of National Bourbon Heritage Month (September 22nd and 23rd) the city of Louisville throws a party. This is a 2-day festival celebrating the deep-rooted heritage of Bourbon in Louisville. This event is filled to the brim with top tier music acts, belt busting food and Bourbon industry legends - it could be considered Louisville’s Lollapalooza… or Bourbon’s Woodstock... or Kentucky’s Coachella.

To September and BEYOND!

Do you feel lucky, Pilgrim?

The Whiskey Classic takes place in October and is one for the books. Out in Santa Fe, NM or as the locals call The City Different. Spend a day in October tasting Bourbon, smoking cigars and experiencing the Wild West on a real Western movie set. Imbibe top notch Bourbon and food in the same place where Silverado, Lonesome Dove, and 3:10 to Yuma was filmed. It’s like a Fistful of Dollars but with Whiskey and less squinting.

Hello Mudder

If the heat of New Mexico is not your thing try a day at the races in Maryland. The Brew and Bourbon Classic host 60 Beers and Bourbons, award winning food trucks and classes on how to bet on the ponies at Laurel Park racetrack.

This Ain’t No Disco

WhiskeyFest NYC. Yep, leave it to New York City to keep the party going. Well past the birthdays for Virgos and Libras, NYC gives you another chance to party like it’s Repeal Day in November. Whiskeyfest NYC is THE event to sip, chat, eat and mingle with Bourbon brand ambassadors, high end bartenders and distillers.


Traveling for Spirit based adventures is fun but nothing beats being at home with good friends, a nice cigar and a few glasses of your favorite Bourbon. Sometimes, the best place to ring in National Bourbon Heritage Month is to host it yourself at home.

Remember September

September is the time to raise a glass, tip a hat or take a knee to show some love for one of the finest members of the Liquid Holy Trinity. Please enjoy and if you have a favorite Bourbon adventure please feel free to share it with us.

*Please party responsibly and DO NOT play with fireworks while drinking.

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