Best Bourbon Gifts To Give Instead Of Chocolate This Valentine's Day

Best Bourbon Gifts To Give Instead Of Chocolate This Valentine's Day

It seems like Christmas has just ended, but Valentine’s day is around the corner. If you have a Bourbon lover in your life, you probably want to make them happy, maybe even spoil them a bit.
Your gift-giving duties are far from over but don’t worry; we put together plenty of incredible, unique, and personalized gifts that any Bourbon Buff would be thrilled to get!

1. Flaviar Membership

We’ll start with the gift of all gifts: membership in a club of Spirits connoisseurs that’ll give your sweetheart new and delightful spirited experiences. Flaviar Members get exclusive access to private bottlings, special editions, and rare gems.

Finding the next favorite is pretty simple. Noobs or pros, Flaviaristas also learn new stuff through tasting and content (masterclasses, videos, articles, School of Spirits, tasting webinars, etc.), so watch out, you might be dating a bona fide Spirits smartass soon.

As a Flaviar Member, your Bourbon aficionado will get to pick full-size bottles and themed Tasting Boxes, take advantage of unlimited free shipping on qualifying orders, access The Vault full of the one-percenter drams, join free tasting events, earn perks through referrals, and have the best community that rates and review at the fingertips.

The only problem is - how will you outdo yourself next year?

2. “Spiked” Bourbon Coffee

You’ve probably had Irish coffee; now it’s time your significant other tries Bourbon coffee! Bones Coffee makes a special blend of coffee beans and ages it in used oak Bourbon barrels through an extensive process.

And even though this coffee does not contain actual alcohol, any Bourbon fan would be overjoyed to experience the delicious, smoky taste with medium roast coffee every morning before work!

3. Corn Trooper United Craft Bourbon

Say Howdy to Flaviar's first own Bourbon! A bottle of Corn Trooper is for everyone who loves Bourbon and wants to try something new and genuinely American.
Corn Trooper is a blend of seven straight Bourbons connecting seven distillers from seven different states, each bringing something unique to its character.

And buyers love this one-of-a-kind Bourbon - if you don't have time to read all the reviews, here are just a few:
“Full, butterscotch, toffee, chocolate, a warm, cozy ride. Just a sip goes a long way. Nursed this with crushed ice and had a smooth glide path.” - Robert
“My favorite bourbon to date, you nailed it, Flaviar! Spices, Oak! Bananas and a wash of Maple Syrup. Can I get another bottle, please? Already purchased 3” - Brian
corn trooper united craft bourbon
“Excellent blend! This combination of bourbons becomes more than a sum of its parts. Very smooth, complex character.” - Geoffrey
“Great job on this. I was super intrigued when I saw the maple syrup flavor profile, and this nailed it. Good heat without being overpowered, and I really enjoyed the flavor, and long maple syrup finish too.” - Matthew
“One of the smoothest best tasting Bourbons I’ve ever had in my entire life!” - Dylan

If you are looking for something to amplify your loved one’s Bourbon experience Corn Trooper is your go-to gift.

4. Bourbon & Chocolate Tasting Guide

Obviously, chocolate and flowers tend to dominate the conversation about the love-themed holiday, so grab the opportunity to give them the chocolate-tasting experience they’ll never forget.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, Woodford Reserve has partnered with award-winning chocolatier Phillip Ashley Chocolates and designed a tasting guide that includes the pairing of Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon with three different types of chocolate: white chocolate, milk chocolate with almonds, and sea salt dark chocolate. We all agree that chocolate is fantastic, but combine it with Bourbon and get a gift that screams love.

5. Flaviar Merch

Chances are, if your significant other loves Bourbon, they will also adore our trendy merch selection. Polish their Spirits game with unique glassware, socks, shirts, sweaters, or face masks.

And for those who want to broadcast their allegiance to excellence, there are cool flasks, coasters, pins, beret caps, or a full-blown home bar that you can personalize with the recipient's name. It’s the perfect gift that gives ya the lovey-dovey feels.

6. Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

Whiskey and pancakes go together almost as well as Whiskey and steak. Or Whiskey and cigars. Or Whiskey and campfires. Or Whiskey and [insert favorite thing here]. Surprise your Bourbon lover with Bissell Farms Barrel Aged Maple Syrup.
Aged for months in a used Bourbon barrel to draw out unique flavors, this bottle is blended for the maximum flavor and consistency, and each bottle is hand-dipped in wax. It’s maple syrup and Whiskey, together; what could go wrong?

7. Bourbon Tasting Box

The Bourbon tasting box is a way better gift than slapping a bow on whatever fancy bottle the liquor store guy recommends.
Expand their horizons through discovering different Bourbons and help them start their Spiritual journey the proper way. You can always buy one for yourself as well. Why not use it to bond with your Bourbon enthusiast and learn more about the stuff they love? Remember: Tasting is believing!

8. Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented Cigars

If your Bourbon aficionado is a cigar smoker, you can blow their socks off with a high-quality box of Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented cigars. These cigars are not dipped in or sprayed with Whiskey, but they are created to be the perfect complement to Bourbon. The wrapper leaf is fermented in used Bourbon barrels. The extensive process that goes into making these cigars makes them a truly unique gift that allows both Bourbon fans and cigar connoisseurs to experience a flavor combination that is exciting and will remain consistent throughout each small batch.

9. Bourbon Bitters Bundle: Woodford Reserve Bitters Set

Woodford is one of the legendary names in Bourbon, and the quality of their bitters is renowned. This gift pack is sure to add spice and character to any Bourbon cocktail lover’s home bar. As a bonus, add a gift pack of Louisville Beer Syrups to make the perfect Old Fashioned cocktail gift pack!
Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

10. The F(l)avorite One(s)

Let’s dip into what your Bourbon lover really wants to receive this Valentine’s Day—Bourbon. And the best part of giving Bourbon as a gift is that you can share it throughout the night.
Thoughtfully selected Bourbon bottles below will light the way to his or her heart.
But we also warmly recommend the Flaviar community’s all-time favorite Bourbons:
- Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon,
- Michter's US*1 Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey,
- Blanton's Original Single Barrel,
- Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select Bourbon Whiskey.

They are so popular with our members that they have all received the Flaviar Community Award.
Wish to expand your liquor cabinet without hurting your wallet? Browse our selection of best Bourbon under $100!
Hopefully we’ve made your gift hunting easier. Let us know how you’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. Cheers!
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