Six Ways to Wow Your Tequila-Loving Dad This Father’s Day

Six Ways to Wow Your Tequila-Loving Dad This Father’s Day

What do you usually get your Dad - or someone else in your life who’s a dad - for Father’s Day? Novelty socks? Tickets to a game? Perhaps a new lawnmower? These are all great, but we have half a dozen better ideas if he loves the TQ.

See, the best gift is the one that lets the recipient try something new, and if you can do that together, you have a winner.

Here are six Tequila gift ideas that will wow your Tequila-loving Dad this Father’s Day. Sparkle a new passion you can enjoy together.

1. Flaviar Membership

Let’s start with the gift that keeps on giving: the Membership in one of the largest clubs of Spirits lovers. He’ll get exclusive access to rare gems, private bottlings, and special edition drams.

The Membership includes carefully selected complimentary bottles and themed Tasting Boxes that he can choose from. That means he’ll always have something great to offer when you visit.

Flaviar membership

Plus, he’ll be invited to live tasting events, get access to on-demand guided tastings, and live blending events. Add educational videos, in-depth articles, and the School of Spirits, and we’re talking about making Daddy-o a bona fide ABV expert.

Flaviar Membership is a flavorful journey into the World of fine Spirits, and you can share the experience.

2. Dad-Proof Tequila Treasures

If you’re just hunting for a bottle of terrific Tequila, we’ve got your back as well. Show him you care and check our definitive guide to the best Tequilas of 2022, or grab one of these beauties:

Dad - Proof Tequila bottles

We ship, he sips, and you win “Best Gift of 2022”.

Casa Dragones Añejo

We also have a selection of quality Tequilas under $100 if you want something great for fewer dineros. Embark together on a Tequila journey and discover new flavor dimensions.

3. Tequila-Themed Tasting Boxes

A flight of Tequila samples is perfect for a tasting party, or if the Dad wants to try a fancier Tequila before he commits to a full-size bottle. Each Tasting Box comes with three vials that have enough juice for a trio of tasters, so it’s an excellent opportunity to invite yourself over, right?

Tequila tasting box

There are also tasting notes and instructions that will help him explore the Spirits properly. And the on-demand tastings we’ve mentioned before? They’ll show Dad how to unbox the flavors like a pro, tell him surprising histories and the secret trivia behind the unique flavors hidden in the Tasting Box.

Grab a Tequila-themed Tasting Box here, and surprise him with new flavors. It’s a way better gift than socks and is guaranteed to bring you two even closer.

4. Flaviar Merch

To make the pop eyepopping, update his style with our dazzling merchandise. The Flaviar Flask will make any Tequila to-go, while he can savor his favorite Spirit like a gentleman with a set of Glencairn glasses.

Flaviar Bar

The famous concrete coasters are included, of course. No home bar in his house yet? Well, give him a Flaviar Bar, then. It includes a classy personalizable bar stand, barware, and glassware.

5. Books

A book is always a great gift to match with a fine Spirit. Since we’re all about flavors, give him a cookbook for Father’s Day.

‘My Mexico City Kitchen’ by Gabriela Camara shares 150 recipes for mouthwatering contemporary Mexican dishes that pair perfectly with a glass of Tequila.

Danny Mena, a chef with his own Mezcal brand and restaurants in New York, wrote ‘Made in Mexico’, where he focuses on casual street food.

My Mexico city kitchen book

Then, there’s Enrique Olvera, the acclaimed chef who explores the delightful Mexican home cooking in ‘Tu Casa Mi Casa.’

When Dad is stocked up on Tequila and knows a recipe or two, it’s time for a fiesta!

Have fun bonding over fine Spirits and good books!

6. Vacation

Here’s a crazy idea: after you surprise Dad with a premium Tequila, send him on a unique vacay!

If you check him in at the Matices Hotel de Barricas in La Cofradia, he’ll sleep in a Tequila barrel in the middle of an agave field.

Tequila themed vacation

We’re talking about huge barrels, of course, furnished with amenities such as a minibar and AC. They also offer tasting sessions and guided tours, so we’re talking about a vacation te-qil for.

We hope this list inspired you, and we wish you a happy Father’s Day.

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