Flaviar Awards 2020: Meet The 5 Most Beloved Bottles of the Year

Flaviar Awards 2020: Meet The 5 Most Beloved Bottles of the Year

Welcome to the Flaviar Awards, our annual tradition since 2012 and the biggest honor and a seal of approval by the world’s largest Spirited community. Our cutting-edge algorithm ran through your ratings, reviews and wish lists to determine the most delicious drams of the year.

These Spirits have stolen the hearts of many of you. Your body is a temple and we are here to offer some Spiritual guidance so here it goes…Five dream drams worthy of your palate revealed. Get ready to beef up your Home Bar with these heavy hitters.

Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky

A single malt from England? Yes you heard right, this compelling Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky hails from 5 acres of stunning Cotswolds countryside. Handcrafted in small batches in a state-of-the-art distillery for that personal touch.

Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky

This grain-to-glass phenom is the first Whisky made entirely in the Cotswolds, from the finest locally sourced barley. With its fruity nose and delectably sweet flavors —as Brett so aptly put it—“Who needs Scotland anymore?”

Tullibardine 500 Sherry Cask Finish

The history of this gem dates all the way back to the 15th century when a dapper young gentleman by the name of King James IV strolled into a local old brewery. In 1946 the brewery was transformed into a spiffy new distillery and the rest was history.

Tullibardine is known for their unique way of naming their Scotch Whiskies (they literally have a single malt called “Sovereign”). This Tullibardine 500 Sherry Finish is so-called because the Sherry casks are traditionally a whopping 500 liters in size.

Tullibardine 500 Sherry Finish

Fun fact: The name Tullibardine means "vantage point" in Gaelic and originates from the name given to a little medieval chapel on a hill near the distillery that dates back to 1446.

Flaviar Member Seth says: “As primarily a Bourbon drinker, this is one of the few Scotches I've truly enjoyed to date. Would have never picked this one up on my own, and now may add a bottle to the bar. These little surprises are exactly what I appreciate and enjoy about the Flaviar experience.”

Another Member Ryan sums it up perfectly in a word: “Amazing.”

Copper & Kings Butchertown Brandy

The Brandy from Butchertown. This snazzy bottle has a beautiful Spirit inside, distilled in exclusive copper pots, aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels and new American oak casks.

Copper & Kings Butchertown Brandy

Copper & Kings have achieved a truly original and authentic house style with this Butchertown Brandy. 90% of the Spirit ages in ex-Kentucky Bourbon barrels, while 10% reaches peak maturity in new medium-char American oak. This bespoke solera inspired method delivers a truly complex Brandy that Emily thinks is “Really tasty. Really strong. Lovely sipper.”

Larga Vida XO Rum

Following our very first 2018 edition, Larga Vida XO 2019 has made a huge splash. This Rum is a smooth concoction patiently aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 15 to up to 24 years, later finished in Ex-Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon & Sherry casks. Ten tropical Rums were handpicked and meticulously blended to deliver a flavorful choir where each voice complements the others and elevates the final blend into harmony.

Larga Vida XO Rum 2019 Edition

Here’s what some of our favorite Flaviaristas had to say...

“A Rum that took me by surprise. As soon as I have some spare change, I'll buy another! Yum yum yum and a bottle of Rum!” -Noah, Flaviar Member

“I have purchased thousands of dollars of bottles of liquor and this is by far the best tasting bottle I have in my liquor cabinet hands down fantastic job with this.” -Bruce, Flaviar Member

“Two words...banana foster. First you get caramel, butterscotch, bananas, nilla wafers, some cinnamon, maple syrup and sugar cane juice. Medium finish and a nice, light aftertaste. It’s like desert in a glass. Loved it. Will buy another bottle because I don’t want to run out.” -Alex, Flaviar Member

“The 2018 edition was literally the best Rum I've ever had. I can't wait for another bottle. Shared with friends.” -Shawn, Flaviar Member

Larga Vida y Prosperidad!

Madre Mezcal

Madre Mezcal, is an artisanal desert Spirit handmade in the valley of Oaxaca. Jose Garcia Morales and his team roast Agave Espadin and Agave Cuishe, in an earthen pit using wild yeast for fermentation. Then they use the Family’s ancient copper still to produce a truly unique Spirit with a beautiful balance of earthy and sweet. A perfect intro to the world of Mezcal.

Madre Mezcal

“I usually go with Tequila, but boy was I happy when I tried this bottle out :) Worth every peso.” -Nikola, Flaviar Member

“This is an outstanding Mezcal with a broad spectrum of aromas, flavors with just the right touch of sweetness in the finish.” -Charles, Flaviar Member

“I usually drink Whisky. Mezcal flavor profile has so many similitudes, especially because of the smoke. In my view, this Mezcal tops them all. Sip this straight up and enjoy the ride.” -Frederic, Flaviar Member

Let’s have a round of applause for these Flaviar all-stars. Clink-clink.

If you’d like to taste them in all of their glory we have something special for you: a star-studded Flaviar Awards 2020 Tasting Box. Because we don’t want you to just take our word for it, taste for yourself! Until next year, keep on sipping. Cheers!

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