Greetings from Venice! Love, Flaviar

We went to Venice! Not for gelatto and gondola rides - one can even get them in Vegas - but for the art. Beacuse in May, we turned artsy (Art is the New Black, anyone?). And for art, Venice Biennale is THE place to be.

Flaviar's Art is the New Black in Venice

We teamed up with two artists, exhibiting this year in Venice. Representatives of Ireland and Slovenia Sean Lynch and Jasa each got to choose one of the drinks for our tasting pack.

Sean chose Poitin, mainly for its shady and illicit existence in Ireland. The mystery that surrounds it even led another Irish artist, Steve Maher, to film a video about Poitin. And no, that's not the only work done by Irish artists to have connected alcohol drinks and art. Back in 1982, Danny McCarthy threw 100 bottles in the river, each containing a message to reply to the artist - in celebration of Jameson Whiskey centenary.

Sean Lynch with Bunratty Irish Potcheen

Jasa went with Skarucna Serpent's Spit, a herbal Brandy that interweaves a range of botanical elements. The drinks were served at the opening night events in both Slovenian and Irish pavillions in Venice under Uncle Flaviar's supervision, accompanied by a healthy dose of his SmartAss corner know-how.

Jasa with Skarucna Serpent's Spit, Venice Biennale

Drinks from the Art is the New Black at the opening night of Slovenian Pavillion

Other three drinks from our Art is the New Black tasting pack had their 15 minutes of art fame in Venice as well - just look at Basil Hayden's Bourbon going all Kim K at Piazza San Marco!

Basil Hayden's Bourbon taking Selfies at Piazza San Marco

We've made our point clear: for art, you should go to Venice. Second best: at least be artsy in spirit.

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