Discover the Flavor Spiral - It's Tasting Notes Reinvented

Discover the Flavor Spiral - It's Tasting Notes Reinvented

Tasting notes are a bit old school, don't you think? We sure do. So after many sleepless nights, a gazillion sips, and with a little bit of black magic... we've invented The Flavor Spiral™. A quick, clear, and visually-appealing way to look at the drink's flavor DNA.

Install our iPhone App and see The Flavor Spiral in action.

Each Flavor Spiral is a digest of opinions from across the fine Spirits community, combined in a single image. Spirit Lovers, Master Distillers, Blenders, and Connoisseurs have all influenced the Spiral. Big data, baby. All it takes is a tap on the screen in the Flaviar mobile app and presto, The Flavor Spiral reveals itself!

With The Flavor Spiral we simplified things and ditched the standard Nose-Taste-Finish of the traditional tasting notes, creating an attractive and clear visualization of every drink’s 9 most prominent flavors. Let’s compare two famous single malt Scotches, side by side:

“The Spiral offers reliable information about individual tastes and the overall flavors within a drink. It combines a wealth of information about a drink, giving extra weight to expert opinions and comments,” says Grisa Soba, Chief Flavor Wizard at Flaviar.

Or, let’s compare the tastes of 3 different Spirits. Cognac, Bourbon, and Rum:

Here's why you'll love The Flavor Spiral:

#1 Learning how to taste Spirits has never been easier

You’ll detect and recognize flavors in your drink previously indiscernible. Smell and taste the drink, glimpse The Flavor Spiral and observe the spectrum of flavors revealable to your palate.

Flavor Spirals are easy to understand, yes, even to non-experts! Even after a third dram, it will continue to colorfully provide all information you’d get from standard tasting notes and a little more, because...

#2 The Flavor Spiral gives you a Multi-Sensory Drinking Experience

The Flavor Spiral combines the senses of Smell and Taste and Sight. So your brain is further stimulated with visual inputs that intensify the experience. You’re almost able to touch the flavors.

#3 It’s Artsy

Well, it’s hard to avoid the word “Art”, but hey! does sort of feel like entering a gallery of flavors. They don’t call it the fine art of creating Spirits for no reason, so enjoying Spirits should follow, right?

To put it simply, it creates an impression of the drink, which is just as creative and complex as the drink itself. In The Flavor Spiral, fine art and the art of creating fine Spirits are fused together, as if one. Each flavor component was drawn by a Flaviar commissioned artist, while their composition in The Flavor Spiral is influenced by Master Distillers, Blenders, and connoisseurs.

As Flaviar’s Creative Director Vlad puts it: “While placing function before form might work for some things, it doesn’t work for the abstract world of flavors. So we ditched the uber-rational approach, looked at each flavor, and asked 'What does it remind me of or how does it make me feel?' And the outcome was all these random shapes, lines, faces, and whatnots that you see from the Spiral. And more will come. You know, you can drink the same Scotch all the time, but it will never be the same experience.”

#4 You’ll Discover Great Food Pairings

Use The Flavor Spiral as inspiration for your food pairings: Is there a banana in The Flavor Spiral? Think about what usually goes well with it and let your imagination fly.

Let’s Grow Flavor Spirals Together
In the Flaviar App, you can search for over 10,000 Scotches, Bourbons, Gins, Rums... The spiral isn't there yet for every single bottle on Earth, but we’re adding more spirals every day. And we want to hear from you to grow The Flavor Spirals further. Because just like with everything flavor-related, it’s all on the tongue of the beholder.

Look up The Flavor Spiral when sipping on your favorite drink(s). If you don’t recognize the flavors from the Flavor Spiral, it doesn’t mean The Flavor Spiral is wrong or either are you!

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