Meet Frérot Extra, Second of His Name, First of His Excellence

Meet Frérot Extra, Second of His Name, First of His Excellence

Frérot - the People’s Cognac returns. This time extra exquisite, extra exclusive, extra Cognac. Meet Frérot Extra and see how Flaviar’s second Cognac came to be - from sourcing & blending trip to the Cognac region to blind-tastings at our events.

What is Frérot Extra?

Frérot Extra is the grand return of Frérot, the People’s Cognac. After Frérot XO, it’s time you meet its older and bolder brother.

The Cognacs in Frérot Extra were aged for long decades and were sourced exclusively from the Grande Champagne Cru by the masters of Cognac. We blended them into this Hors d’âge Spirit, carefully crafted for the most sophisticated palates out there.

How was it made?

Frérot XO Assemblage de Crus, our first Cognac that was also awarded Gold at the International Wine and Spirits Competition 2020, was co-created in 2018 by 800 Flaviar Members who received a tasting box with three XO Cognacs that had been sourced during our 2016 trip to the Cognac region in the southwest of France.

Cognac Region, France

Members were given very little information, as we didn’t want to influence their choices. Apart from picking their favorite expression, we also asked for some more qualitative feedback on the flavor profiles and their preferences. Combing through the votes and reviews, we knew exactly what Cognac our Members want and deserve.

Cognac Oak Barrel

In 2019, our co-founders Grisa Soba and Jugoslav Petkovic went to the Cognac region again. This time with a mission to source expressions and find the perfect blend for the Frérot XO successor.

They did a lot of tasting and blending and testing and discussing with our trusted partners from a small town of Bordeaux who have been the 6th generation of top shelf Cognac producers. The samples included the best Cognacs from the Grande Champagne Cru, some of them being aged for more than 50 years.

Cognac Tasting

Although all samples were exceptional, we did not let the excitement get in the way of perfection, and the trip did not end with having the recipe for the final blend - there was still something missing. So we took the best samples back home and tinkered some more. To make sure that Frérot Extra is still the People’s Cognac, the samples were then surreptitiously road tested on Spirits enthusiasts at Flaviar’s live events for Members across the US last year.

Our Members had no idea what they were tasting (apart being an awesome Cognac), so they were completely unbiased. Feedback elicited helped us inform and refine the final blend you can now buy as a bottle of Frérot Extra - a top quality blend of Cognacs from Grande Champagne, aged for 30-50 years, but for the people’s price.

What’s (not) in the bottle?

Frérot Extra is a blend of Cognacs from the Grande Champagne Cru, and only Ugni Blanc Grapes (Folle Blanche, Colombard and other rare grapes) were used. It was double distilled in Charentais copper alembic stills, which produce small batches of colorless and aromatic Eau-de-vie of around 70% ABV.

Frérot Extra is Hors d'âge (meaning it’s more than “just” extra old), since its Eau-de-vies spent between 30 and 50 years slowly maturing in oak barrels.

Frérot Extra bottle

Cognac is one of the most regulated Spirits categories, but apart from making sure Frérot is up to standard, we also bet on honesty and complete transparency. So here is a list of what Frérot isn’t.

• No boisé
Boisé is a dark brown liquid made from boiling oak wood, used to speed up Cognac aging. It is mainly found in younger Spirits (like VS and VSOP), but often also in XOs. Frérot does not contain boisé!

• No caramel
Caramel is typically used to achieve a desirable color in certain Cognacs. But not Frérot—no caramel was added.

• Non-chill filtered
Most Cognacs are filtered below 0ºC - but not Frérot. We decided to filter it at room temperature, which preserves its full potential to unleash irresistibly smooth, expressive aromas and flavors.

• Little sugar added
Sugar is typically added to sweeten and enrich Cognac. There’s only a tiny bit of the sweet stuff in Frérot to improve the mouthfeel and amplify flavor, but don’t worry, it’s definitely not sugary.

Frérot flavor spiral

With all this, Frérot Extra offers a rich profile. This blend delivers an exciting adventure that starts with a beautiful bouquet of raspberries, apricots and fresh orchard fruits. The nose evolves into a lush palate with notes of walnuts, candied fruits and caramel. Delicate and lavishly long finish; hints of tobacco and cardamom wrapping it all up with a generous amount of “rancio.”

How to drink it?

It’s a sin to put a complex Cognac with rich layers and depth in a cocktail. Yes, we said it: Frérot Extra deserves to be sipped and enjoyed slowly.

À votre santé

Grisa Soba, Flaviar Co-Founder and Master Blender comments: “I know it is almost standard these days to say drink it however you like, but you know what ‘Extra’ is the holy grail of Cognac and a Hors d’âge Spirit like Frérot Extra deserves to be sipped and enjoyed slowly. It’s almost criminal to mix such a complex Cognac in a cocktail. It’s really worth dedicating your senses exclusively to the Spirit, no mixers, food or even cigars, make some time for just you and Frérot and maybe some friends if you are feeling generous and I assure you, you won’t regret it.”

Grab your bottle here and get ready for a "just you and Frérot" time. Santé!

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