Trendy Gift Ideas For Cognac Lover in your Life

Trendy Gift Ideas For Cognac Lover in your Life

Holiday shopping season is here and it’s time to become the best gift giver your friends and family ever had. If you have a Cognac lover in your life you probably want to get them something special.

Not to worry, we have you covered. Here’s a list of truly unique Cognac gifts for Cognac lovers.

1. Flaviar Membership

Flaviar Membership

Regular Christmas gifts are so 2021 instead give the gift that keeps on giving! Show them you care in the best way possible: with delicious booze!

By giving a Flaviar Membership, the Cognac lover will expand their horizons through tasting and discovery of different Cognacs (and other Spirits) through deliveries of tasting boxes and full-size bottles, access to members-only tasting events, and unlimited free shipping.

Your loved one will get to enjoy a distillery tour from the comfort of their home or on the spot, and connect with other aficionados.

Your gift also comes with a vibrant community, superb knowledge base, generous referral perks, and personal recommendations. We're not sure how you'll outdo yourself next time though.

2. Sephina

What happens when Cognac mingles with fortified Wine? It’s absolutely divine.

Become the best gift giver
your friends and family ever had and gift them a bottle of extravagant and delicious Sephina, and give your loved one a reason to dance like the Flapper from the Roaring twenties.

Sephina is a craft Spirit blend of 56% V.S.O.P. Cognac and 44% Pineau Des Charentes fortified Wine, produced at a family company located in the heart of the Cognac region in France with roots dating back to 1777.

Sephina is inspired by the life of the legendary entertainer Josephine Baker

If you have a Cognac lover in your life, you probably want to make them happy, maybe even spoil them a bit and this is the perfect way to do so!

Category: Other Spirits
Country: France
Distillery: Vinet-Delpech Distillery
Style: Spirit
Alcohol: 30%

“I love this stuff. Keep a bottle in my office and can pour in a glass and sip at night if I work late. When I don’t want to take the time to make a Manhattan this does the trick.. 10/10.” - Kelly

3. Frérot Extra Cognac

Frérot Extra Cognac

Frérot Extra is the grand return of Frérot, the People’s Cognac. After Frérot XO, this is its older and bolder brother.
The Cognacs in Frérot Extra were aged for long decades and were sourced exclusively from the Grande Champagne Cru by the masters of Cognac. We blended them into this Hors d’âge Spirit, carefully crafted for the most sophisticated palates out there.

But terroir is just one of the pillars upon which we built this delightful Cognac; the other is age. The Cognacs in the blend were aged between 30 and 50 years, and we’re betting on their rich and complex characters to enchant your giftee's palate.
Category: Cognac
Country: France
Region: Cognac
Age: 30-50 Year Old
Style: Cognac
Alcohol: 41%
Simply the best! So fine and so exquisite. I'm not big on Cognac, but this is simply poetry inside of a bottle. XO all the way.

If you are looking for something to amplify your loved one’s Cognac experience Frérot Extra is your go-to gift!

3. Flaviar Merch

Flaviar bar

Elevate the Spirits game with some trendy Flaviar Merch. From socks, shirts, and sweaters to cool flasks and a full-blown home bar that you can personalize with the recipient's name.

And for those who want to be a little bit more Frenchy, there are elegant beret caps and Flaviar pins to broadcast their allegiance to excellence, first-class glassware, and the coolest Fonzie-level coasters made of leather or concrete. You gotta look good when you feel good.

4. Cognac Tasting Box

Flaviar tasting box

Flaviar brings the distillery tasting experience home. Imagine the endless potential of joy when a Cognac lover receives a Cognac Tasting Box. This is definitely a must-have gift this year!

Bond over flavors and become an expert fast.

Themed boxes are a perfect fit for both beginners and veterans of taste. You can always buy one for yourself as well and set up a drinking party.

Your lucky gift recipient can even explore the contents of your Flaviar Tasting Box under the guidance of Spirits professionals - live and on-demand with a guided tasting called Unboxing Flavors.

5. Shakmat 23 Year Old

Shakmat Armenian Brandy

Introduce your loved ones to Cognac’s lesser-known (but equally delicious) cousin, Armenian Brandy.

Shakmat (or shakhmat) is the Armenian word for Chess, and this special edition is a perfect choice for everyone who love all things unique. Shakmat 23 Year-Old is a premium Brandy originating from the birthplace of Winemaking. It is an embodiment of Armenia’s two national treasures – Chess and Konyak. Although technically, not a Cognac, this is definitely an interesting gift for a Cognac lover.

Category: Armenian Brandy
Country: Armenia
Age: 23 Year Old
Style: Armenian Brandy
Maturation: Caucasian Oak
Alcohol: 40%

A bottle of Shakmat, invented in cahoots with Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit, will impress even the toughest critics. Hell, it might just become the gift you will be tempted not to give!

6. The F(l)avorite One(s)

Tulip glass is perfect for tasting Cognac

A bottle of booze is a staple of gifts since 1388 (give or take a year) and it’s a safe bet for any friend that’s not a teetotaler. We compiled a helpful holiday selection of you-can’t-go-wrong bottles, just for you.

Among them, there are the Flaviar community’s all-time favorite Cognac bottles:

They are so popular with our members that they have all received the Flaviar Community Award at a point in time.

But we also warmly recommend Martell Blue Swift Cognac which is undoubtedly the hot stuff of the 2022.

Did we mention our selection of best Cognacs under $100 which is always a good place to check out if you're looking for a nice bottle? Alternatively and even more budget-friendly is our selection of best Cognacs under $50.

We hope we made your gift-hunting easier. Cheers!

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