Home Bars of Flaviar Stars: Souvenirs from Scotland

Jason's introduction to the Whisky world was through the Dalwhinnie 15 year old.

"I call this my gateway whisky and recommend it to anyone that doesn't really drink whisky. With a little water, it has a very mellow, smooth finish."

"My father's lifelong appreciation of the Aqua Vitae was what encouraged me to explore the wide variety of Single Malt Whisky and I began collecting about 10 years ago. He lives in the Highlands of Scotland in the Speyside region near to many famous distilleries."

Whenenever Jason visits the area, he always tries to sample a new Whisky. If possible, he visits a different distillery every time and buys a bottle there: "I have toured the Aberlour, Balvenie, Glenfarclas and Glenlivet distilleries."

My favourite drinking Whiskies are the Glenlivet 18 and the reliably good Aberlour 10. For extra special occasions, I enjoy a Glenlivet XXV or a Glenfarclas 40.

Judging by his home bar, you must agree when we say that Jason seems to be a perfect son!

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