How to Create the Most Unique Blend in the Universe (That’s Truly You)?

How to Create the Most Unique Blend in the Universe (That’s Truly You)?

There’s a way for you to become a Master Distiller, and it’s mind-blowingly simple.

No, it doesn’t involve setting up an illegal operation, running from the law to countries that don’t extradite people, and starting a new life as a baker at an airport. All you need is Flaviar’s Infinity Bottle, a love for fine Spirits, and some good old imagination.

Although, if you want to start a new life as a baker, you have our support.

In any case, it’s high time you started a new DIY project, and this one will never end. If you’re good at it, it might even become your legacy.

Infinity? In a bottle?

What do you get if you divide infinity by infinity? Who cares; we’re adding stuff here, and that stuff is your favorite booze. But we should start at the beginning.

What is an infinity bottle?

The idea of an infinity bottle has been in the ether since 2012, when Ralfy Mitchell, a Scottish Whisky Youtuber, proposed to his viewers how great it would be if they could blend their own version of Glenfiddich 15.

The concept of fractional blending, which is behind the Infinity Bottle, however, is centuries old. See, when our ancestors started transporting wine, they stored it in ceramic containers. Eventually, they recognized that mixing newer wine with older vintage makes it more consistent and better tasting.

Then, people started doing that with barrels: what they bottled, they replaced with a younger batch—ad infinitum. The Solera method was born - and building your infinity blend is precisely that: your Solera at home.

You keep adding Spirits to your concoction, and when you drink some of it, you replenish it with new Spirits. It goes on and on, and each addition leaves its taste in the evolving DNA of the infinity blend.

How do I start an infinity bottle?

An infinity bottle can be many things. It can be a carefully crafted blend that involves planning, measuring, and calculating. It can be your liquid diary, where you journal all the drams you’ve tasted. (Add dates and note special occasions.) Or, it can be an outstanding depository of last drops from your home bar. Finishing a bottle? Pour the final splash in your infinity blend!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Master Blender, a diarist, or Marie Kondo of Spirits - the blend will always be unique, truly yours, and perhaps even your legacy.

Picture your grandchildren toasting with your decades-old infinity blend and adding their chapters to the family heirloom. We’re getting a bit emotional here; please excuse us for a moment.

Where can I get one?

Yeah, and in both senses: it can be a long story, and it can be spectacular. That’s why Flaviar’s Infinity Bottle takes the concept seriously and elevates it.

It’s not just another bottle, you see. It’s a gorgeous, high-quality vessel with an eye-catching design and a showstopping bottle stopper. The most unique blend in the universe deserves an exquisite showpiece of a decanter, right?

To kickstart your epic blending journey, the Flaviar curators carefully selected more than a hundred (!) Whiskies, and created The Mother of Infinity. It’s a starter concoction with an impressive variety of Spirits that will serve as a bedrock of your blend.

“Imagine you decide to collect stamps, and someone just gives you a hundred of them. That’s a great running start.” - Grisa Soba, co-founder of Flaviar

Then, to make sure your infinite blending is flawless, the Infinity Bottle comes with a booklet. It contains helpful knowledge, history, tips and tricks, and an Infinity Diary.

5 tips for a perfect infinity blend

If you’re making a calculated blend, here’s a couple of hints from the experts.

1. Start with a contrast
Your inaugural dram should be your favorite Spirit. The second one, though, should be its opposite. That’ll create complexity and bring harmony and balance to your blend.

2. Blend out the blunders
Messed up the blend? Don’t pour it down the drain just yet. Add something else and try to fix it first. One of the secret weapons is adding a young expression. If you’re making a Whiskey blend, mix in a one- or two-year-old to neutralize flavors. Play around, see what happens.

3. Use the top-shelf stuff
Good ingredients pay off, and if you add quality Spirits to your infinity blend, complexity and depth are guaranteed.

4. Be careful with certain Whiskeys
Peated Scotch, sherried Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, and young Bourbon will overpower your infinity blend and turn harmony into an invasion. It doesn’t mean you should avoid them at all costs - just promise you’ll be very careful.

5. Know when to stop
When you find the perfect flavor, save the infinity blend, and start experimenting with another one. If you’ve been meticulous with writing down your additions, you’ll have a recipe to recreate it.

There you go! The most unique blend in the world that tells your story is just around the corner. The number of Flaviar Infinity Bottles is limited, so if you’d like one in your home bar and start your new endless DIY project, enter the lottery ASAP.

Flaviar Infinity Bottle

Unleash your creativity, and build your heirloom in a bottle. The title of a Master Blender comes with it. And don't limit yourself to only one infinity bottle. Create your own Rum blend or a peaty concoction.

Maybe focus on one distillery or mix a giant cocktail. In any case, snape a picture of your Infinity Bottle and share it proudly with us using #MyInfinityBottle.

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