Infinity Flaviar Tasting Box: How You Can Reuse It Over and Over Again

Infinity Flaviar Tasting Box: How You Can Reuse It Over and Over Again

Flaviar Tasting Boxes are a work of art. Just look at them. The classy black cylinder, the golden embroidery, the elegant vials… and let’s not get started with the contents!

But these containers can hold so much more than just your next favorite Spirit. In the spirit of sustainability, these can be reused in so many creative ways that let you enjoy the unique Flaviar brand of interior design over and over again.
Reuse & Recycle? Drink & Rethink! Storing your spices and having them on the go, rooting your cuttings, saving your make-up brushes, or growing sprouts, featured here are some of the best examples of upcycling as shared with us by the inventive Flaviar Members.

Store spices

If the vial could store a spicy Rye Whiskey, why wouldn’t it continue the proud tradition by storing spices and herbs in your kitchen? The colorful vial panorama will please the eye and give you a clear overview of your stock. Slap a label on that and you're good to go—literally, these are a great idea for on the go!

Flaviar tasting samples

Root your plant cuttings

It’s Spring, so now’s the time to refresh and revive your house plants after the long slumber. Tasting Box vials are the perfect size to root your plant cuttings before replanting them. Just add some water, leave them out on the window sill and watch those roots grow.

Store your make-up

Running out of places to store all the utensils? Well, the slick black Tasting Box design will store everything you need while making you look like a professional. Close them up and make them safe for travel.
Tasting box make up kit

Grow microgreens

If you’re into healthy and balanced dieting, use the Tasting Box to grow microgreens: chia, arugula, cress, flax, mizuna, or radish sprouts, your call. Add them to your sandwich, wrap, salad, or anywhere for a healthy and less boring alternative to lettuce!

Tasting box veggies

Keep your plants watered

Planning a weekend getaway, but can’t trust your plants with anyone? Just fill a Flaviar vial with water and stick it in the soil next to your house plant to keep it sufficiently watered while you’re gone. The magic here is that the plant will only take as much water as it needs, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Flaviar vial watering device
At Flaviar, we don’t just help you become a better Spirits connoisseur, we also help you become a better person—shameless self-promotion right here. The possibilities are endless, the only limit is your imagination, so feel free to explore further.

Found a clever use not mentioned here? Share it with us on social media by tagging Flaviar! We’ll reuse and recycle our answers, we promise.

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