Your St. Patrick's Dinner Menu: Irish Whiskey Meets Its Perfect Match

Your St. Patrick's Dinner Menu: Irish Whiskey Meets Its Perfect Match

The Irish are renowned the world over for the hospitality and welcoming Spirit. So it makes sense that their finest export (Whiskey) goes down pretty well with just about any food.

Should you ever wish to entertain guests with an exceptional selection of Irish malt and food pairings, we’ve prepared a selection that works perfectly together.

1. Starter:

Soda Bread with butter + Redbreast 12 Year Old

Soda Bread is one of Ireland’s best creations (not including Whiskey of course), and it goes down particularly well with some Redbreast 12 Year Old.

This is a wonderfully fruity Whiskey, with lots of apples, pears, oranges, raisins, apricots, melons, and plenty more going for it. The fruity flavors are perfect with this bread. It really teases out the sweet notes, which just come alive against the backdrop of a rich, malty loaf.

There are also vanilla and sherry notes that add a sugary sweetness and spice to the malt, which melt into the bread and bring out some fascinating flavors.

2. Main:

Salmon with roast baby potatoes + Connemara 22-Year-Old

Connemara 22 Year Old is an exceptional peated malt that goes perfectly with salmon and baby potatoes. The smoke from the malt wafts really brings out lots of flavor from the food.

It also has some herbal notes and a delicate hint of apples, ideal for pairing with salmon. There are also some wonderful citrus fruit notes, particularly lemon and lime that add a nice tang to the salmon.

3. Dessert:

Dark Chocolate Mousse + Jameson Black Barrel

Finished in Bourbon barrels with an additional charring for that “extra oomph”, the indulgently rich and complex Jameson Black Barrel deserves an equally rich and indulgent pairing.

The chocolate mousse will stand up to the challenge, allowing for the Whiskey’s nutty undertones and smooth vanilla sweetness to come to the fore after each bite. Get ready for deeply satisfying velvety sensations!

4. Cheeseboard + Teeling Single Malt

We’ve paired a Teeling Single Malt with a cheeseboard. Teeling is a sumptuous and exquisite malt, packed with character and flavor.

It has lots of big Sherry notes and sweet dessert notes that make it perfect for pairing with a hearty cheese board. This malt has been matured in five different wine casks, giving it lots of boldness, meaning it is not easily overwhelmed by rich cheese.

If the pairing strikes a cord let us know. We would love to know what you thought of the selection of Irish malt and food pairings mentioned. Let us know. Share the information.

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