Learn to Say Whisky in Over 80 Languages

Learn to Say Whisky in Over 80 Languages

Jules Verne took us around the World in eighty days but we want to take you around the Globe with Whisky in eighty languages, so you'll know how to order your beloved “Water of life” in almost every corner of the World. Let's go!

Flaviar is all about giving you the chance to explore some mighty fine spirits from all corners of the globe and our members are crazy about Tequila, Gin, Mezcal, Rum and other delights, but there’s a spirit that holds a special place in their hearts (and glasses). It’s Whisk(e)y!

With the “World Whisky Day” (and the travel season) coming up we thought now's the perfect time to freshen up our Whisky lingo. So we sent the Liquor Fairy on a trip, tasked to meet up with local bartenders and learn how to order Whisky around the world. She returned with a hangover and not much to remember. Luckily we found this nifty list of ways to say "Whisky" in more than eighty languages.

Language Word for Whisk(e)y
Albanian uiski
Basque whisky
Belarusian віскі
Bosnian viski
Bulgarian уиски
Catalan whisky
Croatian viski
Czech whisky
Danish whisky
Dutch whisky
Estonian viski
Finnish viski
French whisky
Galician whisky
German Whisky
Greek ουίσκι
Hungarian whisky
Icelandic viskí
Irish uisce beatha
Italian whisky
Latvian viskijs
Lithuanian viskis
Macedonian виски
Maltese whiskey
Norwegian whisky
Polish whisky
Portuguese uísque
Romanian whisky
Russian виски
Serbian виски
Slovak whisky
Slovenian whisky
Spanish whisky
Swedish whisky
Ukrainian віскі
Welsh wisgi
Yiddish ×©× ×Ö·×¤Ö¼×¡
Armenian Õ¾Õ«Õ½Õ¯Õ«
Azerbaijani viski
Bengali হুইস্কি
Chinese Simplified 威士忌
Chinese Traditional 威士忌
Georgian ვისკი
Gujarati વ્હિસ્કી
Hindi व्हिस्की
Hmong whiskey
Japanese ウイスキー
Kannada ವಿಸ್ಕಿ
Kazakh сақал
Khmer ស្រា​វី​ស្គី
Korean 위스키
Lao ເຫຼົ້າ​ຂາວ
Malayalam വിസ്കി
Marathi व्हिस्की
Mongolian Виски
Myanmar (Burmese) ဝီစကီ
Nepali व्हिस्की
Sinhala විස්කි
Tajik вискӣ
Tamil விஸ்கி
Telugu విస్కీ
Thai วิสกี้
Urdu وہسکی
Uzbek viski
Vietnamese whisky
Arabic ويسكي
Hebrew ויסקי
Persian ویسکی
Turkish viski
Afrikaans whiskey
Chichewa kachasu
Hausa wuski
Igbo wiski
Sesotho whisky
Somali khamrada
Swahili whisky
Yoruba oyinbo
Zulu Uxhumano Jikelele
Cebuano whiskey
Filipino wiski
Indonesian wiski
Javanese wiski
Malagasy whisky
Malay wiski
Maori wehikē
Esperanto viskio
Haitian Creole wiski
Latin cupam

Use this opportunity (and excuse) to taste a dram from a far away and salute to this infamous and inspiring spirit in the language of your choice. All you need is a bottle of Whisk(e)y or a Tasting Box to share it with your fiends. And don't forget to share your best moments along the way, cause nevertheless, it's #worldwhiskyday. Bon Voyage!

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