5 Greatest Scotch Whisky Commercials

5 Greatest Scotch Whisky Commercials

Now nobody likes a pop-up ad and we are not here to spam you with any nonsense, but sometimes you have to admit that a great commercial deserves some serious love and attention.

Here's our stab at the top 5 Scotch Whisky commercials. If you're anything like us at Flaviar then you probably won't need any encouragement from a commercial to enjoy some Whisky, but there's certainly no harm in sitting back with a dram to enjoy watching some classic videos about drinking Scotch.

Pour, sip, watch, repeat.

1. Laphroaig: Opinions Welcome

Let's kick things off with a peaty Islay classic. Back in 2014, Laphroaig began collecting short one sentence opinions from drinkers as they enjoyed a dram of their iconic smoky Whisky.

Some personal favorites include: "It's like being kicked in the face by a horse that's been galloping through a peaty bog" and "Take an old boot. Burn it. Soak it in seawater. It tastes like that but in a good way."

If you ever get a chance to visit the distillery you will even see a range of these opinions inscribed in the walls of the walkway you follow to reach the entrance. So what better way to make a commercial bringing together some of the locals who live in the distillery's home of Islay and get them to share their opinions. The accents on some of these characters are even hard for a Scotsman to understand.

2. Bell's: The Reader

While this dram might not be winning awards anytime soon for complexity, its popularity and sales around the world speak for itself. Bell's can be found in countless bars and shops in every corner of the globe and is an affordable Scotch blend enjoyed by millions of Whisky drinkers.

This commercial for the brand originally aired in South Africa but the emotional story of a man learning to read was shared globally. I dare you to not shed a little tear watching this one.

3. Glenfiddich: Experimental Series

After that tearjerker let's lift the mood a bit with this fast-paced commercial from Glenfiddich celebrating their 3-part Experimental Series. This is a bold departure from traditional Whisky advertising that aimed to get a new audience of drinkers trying Scotch and experimenting with some unique flavor combinations.

The final expression of the series has just been released and is an experiment with temperature using a 21-year old Glenfiddich finished in Ice Wine Casks. The other two are a Malt finished in IPA Beer Casks and a project XX malt combining the knowledge of 20 experts in the industry.

For the Project XX Whisky, you are even recommended to add a touch of salt to the rim of the glass while tasting to compliment the flavor. This really is a bold set of three Whisky experiments with a bold commercial to match.

4. Lagavulin: Nick Offerman's Yule Log

Ron Swanson's love for Lagavulin in the hit comedy Parks and Recreation went unnoticed by very few Whisky fans, least of all the brand's marketing team.

Since referring to Lagavulin as the "nectar of the gods" the company has taken on every opportunity to use Nick Offerman, the actor who plays Ron, as an ambassador for their brand. It turns out Lagavulin actually is his favorite malt that he brought to Ron's character and it wasn't long before a commercial was created.

Now we certainly don't recommend watching all of this clip but to celebrate Christmas, Lagavulin released a 45-minute video of Nick enjoying a glass of Lagavulin in front of the fire. That's right. No effects, no talking. Just a man sitting next to a fire slowly drinking a glass of Lagavulin. You have to admit that there is something quite relaxing and addictive about watching this one.

5. Johnnie Walker: The Man Who Walked Around The World

No Scotch Whisky commercial list would be complete without the epic one-shot monologue of Robert Carlyle talking about the history of Johnnie Walker Scotch.

Each time you watch it you'll notice a few new frames that emphasize just how much time must have gone into the planning and coordination of this five-minute film shot in one take. Keep an eye out for the perfect timing on his line about the barrels for example… impressive stuff.

It's videos like these that have made Johnnie Walker one of the most recognized spirit brands in the world who currently sell over 156 million liters globally every year.

A bonus clip....

The iconic success of the Johnnie Walker commercial led two student filmmakers to create a modern remake in 2015. This emotional remix of the original has arguably gone on to be just as famous as it shows the journey of two brothers walking together through Skye. Little else needs to be said as this powerful story speaks for itself:

So there you have it. Our top five Scotch Whisky commercials with a little bit extra. If that doesn't spark your appetite for a dram or two then it might be time to get yourself sipping on a different spirit.

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