Mark Your Calendars for the Scottish Whisky Festivals!

Mark Your Calendars for the Scottish Whisky Festivals!

It seems only appropriate that the rightful home of Whisky would celebrate it all year round and all across the country.

The Scot’s really do love their Whisky, and what’s more, is that they love to celebrate it. They’re proud of their products and like to show this off, and considering how much time and history has gone in Whisky, it’s easy to see why.

There are several Whisky Festivals all across Scotland and each gives you a glimpse at different drams and the love with which they are created. From the big players in the Whisky game, right down to craft Whiskies from independent producers, these festivals each give you something new and exciting to take in.

Here are some of the biggest Whisky festivals in Scotland and each comes highly recommended!

1. Spirit of Speyside

Speyside is the most distillery dense region in Scotland, so it is only right that they would have their own dedicated Whisky festival. Starting on the 28th of April and lasting until the 2nd of May, the Spirit of Speyside is a five-day extravaganza in the world of Whisky.

Spirit of Speyside - Photo: Facebook/Spirit of Speyside

This festival offers everything from tours and tastings to live music and entertainment. With over 50 distilleries to go to and each one taking part in the festival, it makes sense that it takes place over more than one day. You should definitely prepare in advance for this one and it is worth taking a look online to plan your visit before you go.

2. Feis Ile – Festival of Malt and Music

Another region that is rich with distilleries, only this time it is a much more manageable 8. There are also at least 8 reasons for going to Feis Ile and, guess what, it takes place over 8 days, from the 20th-28th of May.

Islay Festival - Photo: Facebook/Islay Scotland

Typically, each Islay distillery holds an open day and invites festivalgoers to come in and learn more about what they do. This is the perfect opportunity to spend time on the famous island and learn more about the distilleries that operate there as well as the local people, all with a background of great music and even better malt! Tempted? Get up to date information on the Feis Ile website.

3. NIP Inverness

This festival attracts some pretty big names, including Glenmorangie, Haig and Old Pulteney. Their title sponsor this year however is the little known, but still fantastic Tomatin. NIP Inverness festival is being held at Bogbain Farm and takes place from the 29th of April to the 2nd of May, so unfortunately you may have to choose between this and Speyside!

This festival has plenty to keep you interested thought, with different classes taking place every day, including Whisky and Chocolate. You have a wonderful chance to meet some industry insiders at this festival and learn lots more about your favourite tipple, so make sure to book soon!

4. Whisky An’A’That

Whisky An’A’That captures the spirit of malt and Scotland all in one! Although it is sold out this year, this festival is dedicated to recapturing the enthusiasm we all have when we first embrace Whisky, and encouraging people to love it even more.

Taking place in June, the festival is a great way to learn more about the Whisky industry and to talk to some people who are directly involved in it. You should definitely book your tickets for this festival as soon as they come out, as they are clearly very popular and sell out fast!

5. Spirit of Stirling

Taking place on Saturday 7th of May in the Albert Hall in Stirling, this is the fifth anniversary of the Spirit of Stirling Festival. To mark the occasion, the festival organisers have rolled back prices on tickets to just £20, the same price as they were way back when it started.

Whisky Tasting at Spirit of Stirling - Photo: Facebook/Spirit of Stirling

The day consists of master classes and drams and food from several local producers. This Festival may be smaller than the others but gives you the chance to really interact with the exhibitors that are there. Everything is taking place in the main hall of Albert Hall, so you don’t have too much planning to deal with before you go.

6. Glasgow’s Whisky Festival

You’ll have to wait quite a while if you’re planning to go to the Glasgow Whisky Festival, as it is taking place on the 12th of November. Keep an eye out on the festival’s social media channels to find out when tickets are available.

This festival attracts big and small names alike, so you will be able to meet big players as well as some new guys. Glasgow is a wonderful city as well, with some recent distilleries opening their doors here. This festival is a great way to get to know both the city and it’s malted inhabitants!
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