Sipping it Through Movember

Sipping it Through Movember

Waxing the stache this month? Meet three of your fellows, who also happen to make some great drinks.

“If you drink your whisky too quickly, he’ll slap you. And if he sees you holding a whisky tasting glass the wrong way, he’ll kill you.”

These are two things Mr Richard Paterson, legendary master blender at White & Mackay Distilleries, wants you to know about him.

Plus, he has a 'stache, we’d like to add. And the nose to create some great drinks, like the Dalmore's most recent exclusive release The Dalmore 25 Year Old.

If you’re looking for something lighter (if you know what we mean), the Old Sherry notes of Dalmore 18 Year Old will also work great in keeping you and your lady warm.

“A kiss without mustache is like an egg without salt,” a wise and probably unshaved man once said.

Go for the Spiced Rum by one of the modern age most legendary lovers Ron de Jeremy to add some extra fire to your scratchy Movember kisses.

Mr Jack Daniel was sporting one hell of a stache. Unfortunately, he lost his temper one time (too many). He kicked in the iron safe that wouldn’t open and consequently died of blood poisoning.

Don’t let something like this happen to you! Take a deep breath, then count to ten and have a drammm ... ummmmm …
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