Here’s How You Can Drink Fine Spirits While You Drive (and Share Them with Kids)

Here’s How You Can Drink Fine Spirits While You Drive (and Share Them with Kids)

Not exactly call-Anderson-Cooper breaking news, but we’re big on flavors at Flaviar - especially those hiding in fine Spirits. But there are situations where you can’t tipple: behind the wheel, expecting a baby, at work, operating, flying to space, or when you need to stay on the wagon.

Or can you?

Thank science, you can! Call it a sober sip, a temperance tipple, or simply a non-alcoholic Spirit; they let you enjoy the flavors while keeping your head clear. Imagine waltzing into a meeting room with a zero-alcohol Gin and Tonic or sipping on a gorgeous aperitif while waiting for the red light to turn green.

We went and bothered our busy curators to create a neat list of 0% ABV Spirits that don’t sacrifice the taste. Let’s see which ones will let you do the Reverse Don Draper.

Vera Ginø: During an important quarterly meeting

It may sound Swedish, but Vera Ginø comes from a tiny country of Slovenia where the Alpine influence mixes with the Mediterranean. Its citrusy and floral nose introduces a beautiful earthy and pine palate that will shine in a zero-alcohol Gin & Tonic.

Vera Ginø

It’s like the local Adriatic botanicals and freshwater from the Alps are a winning combination.

Seedlip Garden 108: While operating heavy agricultural machinery

Seedlip is a glamorous creation of Ben Branson (whose exclusive interview you can read here), and it can be found in Michelin restaurants and posh cocktail bars. It’s a concoction made of peas, hay, spearmint, rosemary, and thyme.

Its flavors and aromas will instantly transport you to the English countryside. No alco, no sugar, no calories - just the fabulous flavor. It’s excellent with a Tonic or in a Sober Sour.

Goslings Stormy Ginger Beer: While commandeering a buccaneer vessel

Goslings has been producing primo Rum for the last two centuries, and when they needed quality Ginger Beer for cocktails, they made their own. It’s a citrusy-spicy non-alcoholic soda specifically designed to be mixed with Goslings Bermuda Black Rum to create the famous Dark’n’Stormy cocktail. Still, it will elevate any type of Mule drink.

Seedlip Grove 42: When making top-notch cocktails for your kids

The second Seedlip offering on the list is the most orangey non-alcoholic delight ever created by humans. It’s made of bitter orange, blood orange, mandarin, lemongrass, and lemon - and sweet heavens, Grove 42 is so refreshing! Natch, it's a fantastic mixer for your summery cocktails, but we also sip it neat. Because we’re cool like that.

Vera Aperitivo Classico: The day-drinking go-to

When you need something bittersweet and herbal to upgrade your afternoon, you can't go wrong with a Mediterranean aperitif invented by three chefs and restauranteurs. In Vera Aperitivo Classico, Alpine freshwater meets wormwood, rosemary, bitter orange, thyme, and green cardamom and performs a superb sober symphony.

Seedlip Spice 94: When you drive to and from a ritzy gettogether

Designated drivers usually sip on sodas or energy drinks while others enjoy fine Spirits, but it doesn't have to be like that. Grab Seedlip's Spice 94 and make responsibility taste like allspice, cardamom, oak, lemon, grapefruit, and cascarilla. Enjoy it neat, with a Tonic or red grapefruit juice.

Siegfried Wonderleaf Gin: Perfect for baby showers

Baby showers can be fun, elaborate affairs, but the invited ladies and the mother-to-be shouldn't partake in alcohol for obvious reasons. Yes, cakes and tea are fabulous, but how about sober Gin and Tonics - with a legit non-alcoholic Gin with 18 distilled botanicals? Classy and tasty AF!

Again, we love ourselves a top-shelf Scotch or a fantastic Gin, but when you need to stay sharp, you don't have to settle for fizzy drinks and subpar virgin cocktails. Always pick the best flavors and, you know, try something new every day.

P.S.: You'll find all non-alcoholic drinks in our selection here.

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