A Brief History of Tasting Boxes

A Brief History of Tasting Boxes

What is a Tasting Box? Where do you get one? How does it work? Where does it come from? Can you chase away raccoons with it? We'll tackle all of these questions right now, right here.

So, what is it? It’s a box with tasting samples and a mission to help you discover new Spirits, entertain your tasting buds, and share the experience with others. And to answer the second question right off the bat: you get Tasting Boxes by becoming a Flaviar Member. There’s a ton of different themed boxes and Members get to choose and claim one every three months (with a full-size bottle, of course).

The History

Now, trying something before you commit is a reasonable thing to do. You go on dates, you take a car for a spin, and someone had to test the guillotine before they used it on a king, right?
Or it can be just a fun thing to do with your friends! (Tasting stuff, not the guillotine part.) People taste wine, beer, coffee, and whatnot, talking about aromas, flavors, and mouthfeel. That’s why subscription boxes are a thing.
The first one appeared in the States in 2004, and now, there are more than 600 to choose from. You can explore Japanese sweets, exotic teas, fancy dog treats, lipsticks and cosmetics, insane hot sauces, and even bone specimens. You know, for you Indiana Jones kinds out there. There’s a niche for everyone, including the lovers of fine Spirits.

Enter Flaviar’s Tasting Box

It all started in 2012 when our co-founder Griša Šoba pondered what happens if you buy a bottle of expensive drink and realize you hate it. That wouldn’t have happened if you tried it first. So, inspired by the side-by-side tastings organized at his bar, he came up with a tasting box as a way of discovering new Spirits and finding flavors you like through sampling.
Flaviar’s Tasting Boxes have always been themed to showcase specific categories, flavors, or other angles, such as favorite Spirits of Ernest Hemingway. There are, in fact, two Tasting Boxes dedicated to Ernie. He loved booze is what we’re saying.
Fun fact: The Liquid Gold” Tasting Box, which includes Jacopo Poli Grappa, Glenfarclas 21YO, and El Dorado 21YO Rum, was the third Tasting Box ever created, and is still available to our members.
The main idea behind the Tasting Box is bringing Spirits closer to the people, helping them try new stuff together. You don’t have to be an old geezer in a smoke-filled lounge to taste the more expensive booze. Screw that: enjoy a fine tipple at home, in your slacks with your boo.
Our Members appreciate the T-Box so much we made two spin-offs so far: the annual Flaviar Awards Edition that holds the Top 5 Spirits as voted by the Flaviar Community and the supersized Spirits Exploration Kit that comes with 24 samples. Now, that’s a feast!

What’s in the boooox?

So, what’s in it? How do you use it? And the thing about raccoons…
Well, let’s start with the box. It’s a cylindrical Pandora’s Box with only the good Spirits captured inside. Technically, it can be used to ward off the raccoons, but you’d have to accept the possibility of a rowdy raccoon party in your backyard.
When that party happens, you’ll need a coaster. Forget those stolen bar coasters, though. You’re a grown-ass connoisseur and you deserve something concrete. Like a concrete coaster, made from literal concrete. We know, right?
To help you navigate the flavors in the box, we came up with the state-of-the-art Flavor Spiral™ that illustrates what you’re tasting in a simple and digestible way. Is there a hint of oak and an echo of Oloroso Sherry? You bet there is!
Then, there’s the juice - the eau de vie. Spirits come in three 50 ml sample vials. That’s by design, as it’s the perfect amount of booze for three people to enjoy at a tasting party - a virtual or a real one.
So, explore new flavors, try before you buy, have a ball with your pals, and find your next favorite drink. Or should we say flavorite? Now, go forth, dear explorer; expand your palate, share good Spirits, and try something new.

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