4 World Class Chefs & Their Whiskey Blend Dinners

4 World Class Chefs & Their Whiskey Blend Dinners

We partnered with WhistlePig for a special project, inviting 4 of the best chefs in the US to create a new Whiskey blend on the WhistlePig Farm in Vermont.

In September we invited our members to each of ther respective restaurands for a delicious meal and a taste of the new WhistlePig X Flaviar The Chef's Blend.

This is how our members spent their evenings:

Elske Restaurant, Chicago

David Posey is a Californian kid experimenting in his Elske Restaurant. He focuses on vegetables with the Scandinavian touch because his mom’s Danish.

He prepared the menu for the Chef’s Blend dinner together with his wife Anna who used be an amazing pastry chef and this is what they came up with:

- Belgian endives with walnuts, pickled raisins, and Sherry
- Bacon wrapped pork belly with green beans, roasted apple, and watercress
- Aged gauda with smoked rhubarb preserves and crackers

Maypop, New Orleans

Michael Gulotta, a homegrown New Orleanian and owner of the Maypop restaurant, believes that everyone that shows up in this port city leaves something behind and adds flavor to the city.

In Maypop they play a lot with mixing different cuisines and this is the menu they served to the Flaviar members:

- Salad of early season apples, sweet potato latke and smoked duck ham
- Ginger apple ravigote and fresh herbs
- Slow roasted pork belly char siu
- Muscadine grape mostarda, olive amlond sticky rice
- Melted cheesecake
- Sweet red Vermouth, Campari ice cream, citrus

Grand Café, Minneapolis

Jamie Malone is the owner of Grand Café, a French restaurant that used to be a bakery and cafe for about 78 years, therefore she wanted to plan a meal that would be delicious to eat with Rye, but would still be a simple French dinner.

Here’s what Flaviar members enjoyed in Minneapolis:

- Spinach salad with warm brown butter, sunchokes and hazelnuts
- Chicken pithivier with autumn accoutremonts
- Rye and orange baba with tonka bean and chantilly
- Chefs cocktail will be Rye and Meletti Amaro

Castagna, Portland

Castagna is a tasting menu restaurant led by the executive chef Justin Woodward. He likes to keep it fun by pushing himself and trying to elevate the cuisine as much as possible with creativity.

This is the menu he came up with to blend with Chef’s Blend:

- Rye breads
- Summer terrarium, garden herbs
- Gently steamed salish halibut
- Foie gras, huckleberry quickbread
- Beef zabuton cooked in fermented butter, charred onion, black olive
- Fresh plum, fermented plum jus with shiso & opal basil
- Potato skin Ice cream

Were you at the dinners? Let us know what you enjoyed most, if not, better luck attending one of our next events!

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