You've Said Your Vows, Time For a Cocktail Now...

You've Said Your Vows, Time For a Cocktail Now...

Let’s be honest, those Mr & Mrs cocktails can be cliche and overdone at weddings. Many couples pick them as a default “fun” element to their wedding, but more often than not they’re created in a hurry. I’d recommend putting your guests first and going with one of these firms favourites rather than tailoring a cocktail just for your wedding day.

A good rule is if you and your partner don’t already have a signature cocktail, which to be fair is true for most of us, there’s no need to create one just for your wedding day.

I’ve been to more weddings than I can remember, but the ones that do stand out, are the ones that had classic choices, understood what the guestlist liked drinking, and had cocktails that suited the time and space of your celebrations.

It’s all about thirst-quenching for Summer

So if it’s a summery affair think about lighter cocktails that will refresh your guests and won’t knock their socks off if they’re downing the drinks at double the speed of a winter wedding.

1. Pimms

Need I say anymore? Perhaps my favourite drink and one of the greatest hits of all time. Many a British teenager had their first taste of this long fruity drink before they tried Gin or Vodka. You can make this drink as mellow or as punchy as you like.

2. Sloe Gin and Tonic

Speaking about Gin, its an ideal choice for any wedding. Step away from the obvious choice and opt for sloe Gin, which tastes something like sticky plum syrup with a heady kick.

You could also try a table of both normal Gin and tonics, and sloe Gin and tonics for a stylish display.

3. Chilcano

Inject a little Latin flavour into your wedding. Pisco is the base of this zingy and refreshing long cocktail. With a base of lime and ginger ale, your guests will thank you if you serve up Chilcano on a hot summer’s day.

4. Lavender Gin cocktail

Lemonade, Gin and honey what more needs to be said? Well I’d recommended adding some lavender ice cubes and sprinkled lavender to give it the extra wedding sparkle.

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You can also ask your mixologists to infuse the cocktails with the flavours of the lavender garnish before and strain the bits out before serving to your guests.

5. The Tequila Eastside

This fantastic drink comes from the Daiquiri family and is one of the most elegant and refreshing options you could plump for. It’s often made with Gin, but I prefer the Tequila version with lime, cucumber, mint and then herbs depending on the season.

For those year-round pleasers

6. Peach Bellini

This wouldn’t be a cocktail wedding list without the appearance of the Bellini.

The peach Bellini is an all time favourite for me because you use fresh peaches blended with lemon juice to make your own syrup, then add Champagne or the sparkling Wine of your choice. You can add rose syrup or raspberries for another layer of taste.

7. Strawberry Basil Sparkler

While strawberries and basil may seem like summery fare, a glass of this fizz is actually the perfect partner for your canapes no matter what season it is. First make a strawberry and basil syrup, making sure the flavours infuse in the syrup for at least 15 minutes, then add the cooled mixture to sparkling Wine with a slosh of Vodka.

You can then serve in short, tall, or champagne glasses, this is one of the most versatile drinks on the list.

8. Ginger Mojito

Mojitos are universally famous, universally popular and universally delicious. Take the Mojito and do what you will with it and most of your guests will be happy.

For a true crowd pleaser use fresh ginger along with thyme or mint.

9. Mamie Taylor

Try the classic, Scotch and ginger, or the twist of adding strawberries or apple for that something different. It’s nothing short of a dream cocktail. Alternatively use angostura bitters and fresh nutmeg for an added depth in flavour.

To give an extra warm and snug feel to a winter wedding

10. Old Fashioned

A generous glug of Bourbon in a short glass, mixed with angostura bitters, a brown sugar cube and an orange rind. Old Fashioned is classic, warming, and will be appreciated by all.

11. Martini

Is there anything more elegant than a Martini in hand? I’d suggest using these as a stylish twist for the speeches, or use them in the gap between dinner and dancing, to keep the flow of the wedding going. Guests love these unique touches and they’ll certainly get the party going.

12. Spiced Mai Tai

We all know that orange and spices are the perfect marriage. So take that regular mix of light Rum, aged Rum, Cointreau and lime juice, and incorporate fresh rosemary, cayenne pepper and roast pecan syrup for an extra wintery treat.

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13. Boozy Hot Chocolate

So it’s not really a cocktail, but go for a Rum and white hot chocolate for a unique drink on a cold winter’s eve that your guests will try to recreate all winter long. I imagine sipping this in a cosy lodge with soft blankets and a fireplace beating out into the night.

Are you planning your wedding at the moment? We’d love to hear which classic cocktails you’re thinking of serving in the comments below.

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