Nothing Says “I do” Better Than These Spirited Wedding Gifts

Nothing Says “I do” Better Than These Spirited Wedding Gifts

A fine Spirit can be a great marriage companion: it can be as refined or as vivacious as the couple in question; Its age statement can celebrate the years the couple have already spent together or the years still to come;

It can help build a future by giving them something to share or help them build a home with a kickass home bar; It can send them on a Spiritual trip around the world from the comfort of their home or it can send them on a trip down the memory lane by creating their own liquid diary.

Flaviar, your best man, woman, or person, presents you with the list of happily ever after Spirits gifts we’d say “I do” to.

1. Flaviar Infinity Bottle

Imagine it: their life together, all their memories, all their experiences, all blended together into one sumptuous neverending blend. The Infinity Bottle is marriage inside a glass decanter.

Let them fill it up with fractions of all the great Spirits they’ll encounter along the way and let them write a family journal unlike any other. It is a geeky and sentimental endeavor that’ll have them taste their memories with every sip.

Flaviar Infinity Bottle

And the best thing is, it can become a family heirloom, a liquid legacy they can pass on to their children (when of age, of course).

With the Flaviar Infinity Bottle kit, you’ll be getting the couple their ultimate starter package - including an exquisitely designed luxury decanter, ‘Mother of Infinity’ starter juice containing over 100 Whiskies, and a beautifully bound diary to document every drop, as well as a host of expert tips to help create and enjoy a perpetual, personal, liquid merry-age.

2. Flaviar Membership

Make them Members and send them on a path of Spiritual exploration just for the two of them. Let them discover their palate (and each other) with themed Tasting Boxes and a full-size bottle as they taste and toast the nights away with all sorts of Spirit samples of their choosing.

Help them develop their love for the finer Spirits in life at free live and virtual tasting events and discover their new favorite. With access to private bottlings, special editions, rare gems, and Flaviar Originals, they’ll soon have built a proud collection of tasty glasses shared and great moments spent together.

No matter their experience or knowledge, they’ll learn new stuff together through tasting and exploring content such as on-demand guided tastings, educating videos, in-depth articles, the School of Spirits, and so on.

Flaviar membership

There’s no such thing as quality time without quality drams, we say. And that covers all forthcoming anniversaries too!

3. Flaviar Bar

Help them build their perfect home bar together by getting them one with their name on it—we mean it, you can personalize their gift and put their name on it.

Flaviar Bar was designed and handcrafted using premium materials and you can get it fully equipped and stocked with five bottles of premium Spirits every newlywed lounge should have.

Flaviar Bar

With it, they will also get a stunning rose gold shaker, strainer, a spoon, a jigger, and a top-quality mixing glass to step up their cocktail-making game.

Love turns a house into a home, but Flaviar Bar turns it into a bar at home.

4. Frerót Extra

Cognacs are always a welcome gift, but if you want to really give them something extra, something that says “destined to be together”, go for a bottle of Flaviar’s own Cognac, Frerót Extra.

Frerot Extra Cognac

This sophisticated Hors d’Age Spirit is a 100% Grand Champagne blend of Eau-de-vies ranging between 30 and 50 years! That means, that there’s a serious chance some of the Spirits were destined to be married together way before the couple ever met or were even born for that matter. How’s that for a love story?

5. A Spirits-Infused Honeymoon

Whatever their honeymoon plans are, with a choice bottle you can send them on a very special trip to the many flavors of the world straight from their home couch. Here’s our pick:


Send them on a classy trip to France with a bottle of Cognac. If you’re willing to spend a few bucks extra, get them one of only 198 bottles of the ultra-premium D'Aincourt Cognac Premier Cru.

If you want to crown your gift with an engraving, go for the legendary Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac or the royal Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal Cognac.

If you’re still not convinced, check our Best Cognac Under $100 list for more budget, yet still very impressive ideas.


Send them exploring the beautiful valleys (or Glens in Scottish) of Scotland with a bottle of the classic Scotch. Choose the prestigious and incredibly complex Dalmore 25YO or an engraved bottle of the ritzy Macallan Classic Cut 2018 Limited Edition.

For a more budget-conscious trip, get them a peaty classic Lagavulin 16YO or choose one from our list of Best Scotch Under $100.

Perfect bottles for a weeding gift


Keep it domestic with a brilliant bottle of Bourbon. Get them a bottle of Widow Jane Bourbon with their name on it.

A W.L. Weller Special Reserve Bourbon Whiskey is an absolute treasure under a hundred bucks, but for other selected goodies, dig through our chest of Best Bourbon Under $100.


Send them on a tropical trip of sandy beaches and crystal clear waters with Rum. Get them an extremely lavish Mount Gay XO Peat Smoke Expression Rum or an engraved limited-edition bottle of Mount Gay 1703 Master Select Rum from Barbados.

For a money-friendly gift, go for the incredibly smooth Foursquare 2007 Single Blended Rum or pick one from our selection of Best Rum Under $100.


Send them on a Mexican-style fiesta with a bottle of Tequila. Find your favorite premium shot in Flaviar’s selection of the finest or choose one from our list of Best Tequila Under $100.

If you want it engraved, you can get them a bartender’s favorite Don Julio 1942 Tequila or the highly popular Patrón Tequila Reposado.


Send them exploring the green island of Ireland with an engraved bottle of the iconic Redbreast 21-Year-Old Single Pot Still Whisky, the American craft Single Malt and craft Beer trail with an engraved bottle of Westward Whiskey Oregon Stout Cask, or get their kawaii groove on with an engraved bottle of the Japanese Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky.

So, what do you think about these wedding gifts? Are they better than the same old washing machine or the obligatory silverware? We here at Flaviar would say: “Get them now or forever hold your peace!”

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