5 Whisky Stereotypes Explained

They can prove a very useful rule of thumb, but an aspiring Whisky know-it-all that you are, you'd better be able to see beyond the basic Whisky stereotypes.

First five coming up right now!

#1 There’s a right way to drink Whisky

Source: Flickr / alexbrnShould you drink Whisky neat, with a dash of water or with ice?

Each of them will provide a slightly different experience of the same Whisky, but none of them is the right (or wrong) one. It’s simply whatever your tastebuds prefer. As long as you don't mix it with coke.

#2 Older Whisky is better

In most cases, this is true. But when you consider the price of the Whisky, you might find out that after crossing certain age, Whisky doesn’t get that much better as it gets more expensive.

There’s also a risk that older Whisky will have its original flavour character overpowered by the wood influence of the barrel. So trust your taste and look for the age-price sweet spot. For Scotch, you'll very often find it to be around 18 years and ideal age for Bourbon is quite likely going to be 12 years.

#3 Single malt Whisky is better than blended

Take this smart woman’s advise and don’t be a single malt Scotch snob, because it really depends on what you're looking for. Especially for the Whisky-novice or the advanced beginner with a slant for the lighter dram, a blend is usually a better choice. It’s more balanced and less expressive.

Single malt Scotches are usually stronger in character, more complex and 'say' more, making them considered the preserve of the connoisseur or the well-journeyed Whisky lover.

#4 Whisky is expensive

True, there are cheaper drinks to pour in your glass than Whisky. But if you manage your Whisky budget wisely, you’ll get more flavour for your money. Our Whisky tasting packs, for instance, let you enjoy five drinks for a fraction of a full bottle price. And that's just for starters - check out 5 more tips on how to save money when buying spirits.

#5 Women don’t drink Whisky

Probably more women than ever like to enjoy a wee dram and there's also a growing number of them working in the Whisky industry.

But in a recent research by Illicit Encounters, a UK dating website (for married people!), men said that women who drink Whisky are “forward and strong minded", "strong and dominating" and "attention seeking”.

Or, perhaps they just happen to be women who know what we all know: Whisky’s damn good!

Now tell us: what are some other Whisky stereotypes you've heard?
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