6 Golden Rules to Enjoy and Survive a Whisky Event

6 Golden Rules to Enjoy and Survive a Whisky Event

Everyone loves a good Whisky event, but they can be intense. Follow our simple guide and you’ll have the best time.

Whisky (or any other Spirits) events, whether it’s a show, a tasting or a festival are great places to explore brands you love and discover ones you don’t. There is so much to learn at one of these.

But they can be long days, and whilst consuming alcohol from 9-5 might sound like the best day ever, it can take its toll. Stick to our guide, and you’re definitely going to have a cracking day, and not regret it the next morning.

1. Prepare your body

Not in a creepy, religious ritual type of way, but as in eating and drinking appropriately. Don’t be stupid and not line your stomach before you embark on a day of drinking and also don’t be the knob head who doesn’t drink water as he goes about.

No one likes to look at someone keeled over at the St. John’s Ambulance stand, so prepare yourself with plenty of food and water throughout the day. And then you have the pleasure of watching someone else be a tit, safe in the knowledge it’s not you.

2. Try not to get too drunk

We never want to be the ones to tell someone to slow down, but with a full day, or even a couple of hours, of drinking can and almost certainly will result in people getting a bit drunk.

It’s all fine and well being a bit jolly, but don’t be that guy who passes out in his own vomit. Use spittoons, and adhere to point 1 and you should be fine.

3. Have a chat

Whisky shows are the best places for meeting like minded individuals who enjoy a dram or two, so talk to people. Don’t just look away when you awkwardly meet eyes over a shot glass. Actually speak and you might find you’ve made some friends by the end of the day.

There is also a great opportunity to glean some knowledge from bartenders and producers. Ask questions, engage, and get to know the people behind the drink. Who knows what you might stumble across!

4. Embrace New Things

Don’t just go for the same old, branch out and try new things. Don’t just go to the same workshops and talks where you favourites are.

Explore a little, push the metaphorical boat out of the Whisky ocean (oh wouldn’t that be the dream) and see what happens! All those big names had to start somewhere, and you might just discover the next big thing in the Whisky world.

5. Whisky is not the only thing in the world

While it might seem like the most important thing on earth is Whisky, events will often have other stuff, like food stands, Whisky accessories or cocktail making.

Similar to the point above, explore a little. Don’t just get bogged down in the same Whisky you’ve been drinking for years. go out and find a cheese or biscuit or whatever-the-hell-else-they-might-be-showing to go with it. And then go make a cocktail out of it and fall in love with the flavour all over again!

6. Do not nerd out

The temptation at these shows is to hunt down the secret freebies and exclusive tasters. But don’t go too overboard. Just take it all in as it comes.

No one likes that guy going round asking for free stuff, trying to milk it for all he can. Chill out and embrace anything that comes your way, when it comes your way. Don’t let it become a treasure hunt or obsession.

Any tips we forgot? Share with us in the comments.

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