WhistlePig x Flaviar Presents: HomeStock “Blended Together, While Apart.”

WhistlePig x Flaviar Presents: HomeStock “Blended Together, While Apart.”

If someone asks you ten years from now what you did during the lockdown, what would you say? How about ‘I learned how to blend Whiskey’? It turns out that great things happen when people come together, even when we are apart. And being stuck at home turned out to be the perfect setting for a new breed of WhistlePig Whiskey to be born…

What is the WhistlePig x Flaviar Homestock blend?

In April, during lockdown we provided a rare opportunity for Spirits lovers to come together and participate in a once-in-a-lifetime, innovative blending experience. Flaviar Members discovered hidden talents, unleashing their blending skills to help Flaviar & WhistlePig forge a special blend for this first-ever online blending project.

WhistlePig Blending Kit

This special virtual crowd-blending event helped us celebrate life and raise Spirits (and glasses) while selecting the perfect combination of Rye, Wheat, and Barley Whiskey. Together we co-created the all-new WhistlePig Whiskey “Blended Together, While Apart.”

WhistlePig Blend

This Whiskey is like none other WhistlePig blend that has come before it, following on the heels of the award-winning Farmstock Series, which WhistlePig previously used as their innovative blending platform. WhistlePig HomeStock harnessed the creativity of Whiskey lovers from across the U.S., calling on them to choose their perfect combination of Rye, Wheat, and Barley Spirit.

How was Homestock created?

After experimenting with their blending kits (3 samples for blending, 3 for recreation of the final blends, along with a glass and pipette), our Members shared their blending experience, submitting their favorite secret recipe ratios, which were then ranked by experts who decided on the top three blends.

On April 28th, host Dan Dunn and WhistlePig Master Blender, Pete Lynch live streamed the incredibly special event: the Flaviar x WhistlePig HomeStock Crowd-blending. Guided by blending expertise of Pete Lynch, participants recreated the 3 final blends, followed by a real-time online voting for the ultimate winner.

The result is a unique, limited Whiskey release with a noble cause: WhistlePig will donate 20% of bottle sales sales through Flaviar and Caskers to the United States Bartenders’ Guild (USBG) Foundation’s Bartender Emergency Assistance Program, which provides funds for its COVID-19 Relief Grants to assist those currently out of work or in financial distress due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Winning Blend

So which concoction made the final cut? Blend number three: a delicious marriage of 45% rye, 30% wheat, and 25% barley. The winning blend is available now, get your bottle here!

Rye, Wheat, and Barley Whiskey

Here’s what some of our Members turned Master Blenders had to say about the experience:

"Acting as quasi chemists was a perfect reprieve from cabin fever."

"What a great way to spend an evening on lock down. I really enjoyed this experience and needed the morale boost. It was amazing how many different flavor profiles emerged from small changes in blend."

"Definitely one of the coolest things my membership has provided! This was great to do during the lockdown. Thank you!"

"What an experience and discovery! I was very impressed by the quality of the Whiskey and the kit. This will certainly be the highlight of my quarantine."

"One of the most entertaining experiences I’ve been a part of. Absolutely love the presentation and packaging. Thank you for making quarantine bearable!"

"It. Was. Awesome. Like HS chemistry. With Bourbon :)."

Thank you for sharing in this truly unique experience. We cannot wait to share the final HomeStock blend, co-created and selected by the best: you.

Until next time Flaviaristas...cheers to your good health!

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