All about Aberfeldy

Aberfeldy Distillery was founded by John Dewar & Sons, Ltd. in 1896, opening their doors in 1898. Sitting on the eastern outskirts of Aberfeldy, on the southern bank of the upper Tay. Aberfeldy gets its water from the Pitilie Burn, rich in alluvial gold which runs alongside the distillery.

Aberfeldy hails from the Central Highlands – which is further from the coast and more humid in climate making this single malt less fruit-forward than a Speyside but maltier, with a honeyed character. It forms the foundation of the Dewer's blends.

All about Aberfeldy distillery

Aberfeldy is a smaller production house in the Highlands, along the River Tay. It was actually founded by John Dewer himself in 1896.

Even though Dewers is a large producer and a subsidiary of Bacardi, Little Aberfeldy occupies a special spot in their history. In fact, of all the locations possible, Dewers selected Aberfeldy, as the location of their museum, and their “World of Whisky” attraction. That says a lot.

They keep things simple at Aberfeldy. All of their grain is locally grown, and they use only native Scottish yeasts. The water flows from a stream passing by the distillery—Pitilie Burn. All of their Whisky is aged in ex-Bourbon casks on site.

Before 1999, nearly all of their production went into blends. But that year they issued their first single malt; a 12YO. Building upon that success, additional agings and specialty releases are now available.

Distillery info

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Region: Highlands
  • Established: 1896
  • Address: Aberfeldy Distillery, Aberfeldy, Perthshire, PH15 2EB United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 1887 822010
  • Website: