All about Aultmore

Aultmore is, at its core, a single and clean dram. It has a light, bright gold hue and a very clean and unadulterated taste that is at once elegant and shophisticated without being stuffy. You will find apple and pear notes in a light bodies sipper with hints of fresh cream and nutmeg. Imagine a great Whisky pairing with Swiss cheese and scones ... we do.

All about Aultmore distillery

Aultmore is another Speyside, but it's a bit off the river, about three mile east of the water, in the town of Keith. It's located on hilly ground, with a series of buildings with curved, steeply sloped and shingled roofs that look like they were built by Hobbits in Middle Earth.

Aultmore Distillery was started by Alexander Edward in 1895. It wasn't Edwards first, he already owned the Benrinnes Distillery not far away.

Like many distilleries in the area, Aultmore's main reason for existance was making spirit for blending. However, single malt offerings were usually available from the independent bottlers.

Due to the high volume and consistent production at Aultmore Distillery, there have always been a few of these special casks around for the dedicated searcher to find.

Recently, after experimenting with an in-house single malt offering in 2004, that was very well received, they launched a true single malt core offering that is just now reaching general availability.

For it's size, Aultmore has a higher output -- reaching over 2 million liters per year. Like many modern distilleries these days, they closed their malting floors.

There is just no way to malt enough barley to keep up with demand, without automation in dedicated facilities. A few lower volume shops still do, but not many. Their baseline single malt is a 12YO, issued at 43% ABV.

Distillery info

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Region: Speyside
  • Address: Aultmore Distillery Cottages, Keith AB55 6QY, United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 1542 881800
  • Website: