All about Ballantine's

Ballentine's is a respected Whisky with a long history of solid work. Some Whisky snobs turn up their noses at blends, others love them. Ballentines gets some rough treatment from both groups becasue they blend 50 single malts and 4 "single grain" Whiskies to make their signature dram. Although the recipies are strictly confidential, those "single grains" are likely Scottish wheat.

The snobs are missing something becasue Ballentine's is beloved in Scotland for its rich, creamy flavor -- and flavor always trumps indeological purity when it comes to fine Whisky drinking.

How much Ballentine's Whisky is produced each year? They try to keep those things quiet, but when you comb through the public records you discover that they sold an astounding 6.2 million liters of Whisky in 2015.