All about Banks

Long ago explorer and botanist Sir Joseph Banks sailed the seas with the legendary captain Cook, and produced a signature blend of 23 Rums from around the world.

23 Rums from the islands of Barbados, Guatemala, Guyana, Jamaica, Panama and Trinidad are carefully selected and blended into this line of full flavored, complex Rums.

There is also a dose of Arrak from Java, Indonesia in their blend. Arrak is similar to Rum in style, but is uniquely produced from red rice.

Each Rum imparts a specific style onto the final product resulting in an exceptional Spirit with a distinctive story.

Arrak from Java delivers a hint of spice, the pot stills from Jamaica providing intoxicating aromatics. Their full range includes their Island 5 Blend Rum, Island 7 Blend Rum, and Limited Edition Rum.