All about Blackened

This Whiskey is the passion project of one of the most iconic metal rock bands in history, Metallica, and the legendary Whiskey luminary, the late David Pickerell.

Blackened is a marriage of some of the highest quality Bourbons, Ryes & Whiskeys, hand selected by Dave Pickerell himself. Each Whiskey offers unique flavors that play an integral role in the final Spirit. The unique aspect of this Whiskey is a sonic-enhancement method that utilizes sound wave frequency to infuse the Spirit as it matures. After the Whiskeys are married in black brandy casks for finishing, they’re infused by the music of Metallica. Dave Pickerell chose subwoofers to blast low-frequency sound waves to enhance the molecules, causing increased movement of the liquid and wood interaction, which amps up the wood-flavor characteristics in the Whiskey.

Its time spent in black Brandy casks also imparts sweet apricot notes with honey and caramel flavors onto the unique Spirit. Every new batch of five thousand bottles comes with a different Metallica playlist.