All about Buss Spirits

Buss Spirits was created by restaurateur and owner of Belgium’s first dedicated Gin and Tonic bar, Serge Buss. The company launched in 2013 with its White Rain Gin. Since then, a number of products have followed, today split into collections.

The Author Collection features the original White Rain Gin, made with marjoram, as well as a Raspberry Gin and a Pink Grapefruit Gin.

The Choice Cut Collection features Master Cut (their signature Gin), as well as Rebel Cut (where the master distiller created a new recipe featuring lavender, white pepper, jasmine, and tangerine), and Midi Cut (with Mediterranean herbal influences).

While the methods for making Buss Spirits are kept secret, we do know that they are made with natural ingredients, no artificial colors, flavors or preservative are added.