All about Chase

Some of the most popular expressions of Chase include: Chase Vodka, Chase English Oak Smoked Vodka, Chase Elderflower Liqueur.

All about Chase distillery

The Chase Distillery is home to Williams Gin, Chase Vodka, and Tyrrells Crisps! A working potato farm and distillery, the Chase family which owns it set about creating Spirits in 2008. The family made a potato Vodka first, but it wasn’t long before they started dabbling in Gin.

The vast majority of the company’s Gin lineup (five different Gins, at the time of writing), is made with a potato Vodka base Spirit. The rest is made from an apple based Spirit, with apples grown on the farm.

The distillery sits on the same site as the farm, meaning that everything is produced on a single-site. The process starts with mashing up the potatoes and fermenting them with brewer’s yeast.

After a week, they’re left with a low-Alcohol Wine, which is distilled four times in their copper pot still, and twice more in the 70ft high rectification column. The result is a 96% ABV Spirit. The flavor from the botanicals is added via vapor infusion – producing a gentle and floral style.

Distillery info

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Address: Chase Farm, Rosemaund Drive, Preston Wynne, HR1 3PG, United Kingdom
  • Phone: 014 3282 0455
  • Website: