All about Cleveland Whiskey

Tom Lix — a serial tech entrepreneur — figured out how to “age” Whiskey faster. The exact process is proprietary. But it starts with mashing and distilling American Whiskey the old fashioned way.

That Whiskey is aged in new charred oak barrels for a little while. Then the barrel is cut into pieces and placed with the Whiskey in a special pressurization chamber, that increases and decreases the pressure.

All that technology makes the wood “breath” the distilled spirit in and out. This pressure-finishing process lasts about a week, and mimics the natural, seasonal aging process that normally takes years. What you end up with is a Bourbon that tastes like it is much older than it is.

Cleveland Whiskey was founded in 2014, and sold its first finished bottles just a few months later. And they are selling out and ramping up production.