All about Eddu

Originating from Bretagne France, Eddu is very unique in that it distills its Whisky out of buckwheat. Eddu Silver Whisky is double distilled in an alembic still.

It is characterized by its sweet and fruity notes much like a Cognac. Their other, double matured Whisky is called Eddu Silver Brocéliande. This Whisky has oak harmonied forest fruits.

All about Eddu distillery

The Distillerie des Menhirs is situated in Plomelin. It is a family-owned business located in Plomelin, a few miles from Quimper in Finistère, Brittany. Eddu was founded in 1986, and became famous for their Brandy. In 2002, the first Whiskey dropped from their the stills.

In 1986 Guy le Lay created what would be the first Pommeau de Bretagne*. Pommeau is a traditional French drink that is a mixture of Lambig (Cider Brandy) and fresh apple juice.

In 1998, the Le Lay family conjured a bold new creation: a Whiskey, based not on barley wheat, but on Brittany’s very own buckwheat. Hence its name, Eddu (“buckwheat” in the Breton language).

Buckwheat is used as the main ingredient for their Eddu Whiskey. The distillery has two copper pot stills, 2,500 liters each. They use French oak for maturation of their Whiskeys.

Distillery info

  • Country: France
  • Established: 1986
  • Address: Pont Menhir 29700 Plomelin Bretagne - France
  • Phone: +33 02 98 94 23 68
  • Website: