All about Elements 8

Distilled by St. Lucia Distillers and based in the United Kingdom, the Elements 8 lineup consists of a range of Artisan Rums, which are handcrafted in The Windward Islands, Cuba and Panama.

Their core range includes Exotic Spices, Vendome, Platinum, and Republica.

Their Exotic Spice Rum is a strikingly complex, spiced, aged Rum, composed of 10 spices: honey, nutmeg, ginger, clove, cinnamon, coconut, lemon, orange, vanilla, star anise.

Their Vendome limited edition expression is a complex blend of 8 Rums, triple distilled, with a Bourbon Vendome Pot Still, and aged for 6 years in Bourbon barrels.

The Platinum Rum a premium aged white Rum, matured for 4 years and charcoal filtered.

Republica is a marriage of 2 Rums from Cuba and Panama, distilled using an old traditional column still, and aged for 5 years in Bourbon barrels.