All about Gilt Gin

Gilt Gin, produced at the Strathleven Distillery in Scotland, is made with a malt barley base; the same that would be used to make Whiskey. This gives it a very distinctive flavor, one which you wouldn’t find with a neutral base Spirit.

Distilled five times, and cut with water from the River Spey, the makers describe Gilt as a single malt Gin. Made with juniper, cardamom, coriander, lime, orange, liquorice, cassia bark, orris root and angelica root, Gilt Gin has a certain sweetness to its undertone, with earthy notes of the juniper and spicy coriander. A Gin that Whiskey lovers will like!

All about Gilt Gin distillery

Strathleven Distillers is based close to Loch Lomond in Scotland and produces Gilt Gin and Valt Vodka (Scotland’s first single malt Vodka). Strathleven’s products are made with Scottish malted barley and premium botanicals.

As well as a handmade copper pot still, Strathleven also has its own chill filtration system, whereby the Spirits pass through at minus fifteen degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the liquid is viscous, and the filters catch even the smallest of impurities, resulting in a crystal clear, pure Spirit.

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