All about Girvan

Bottled Whisky from the distillery is named as The Girvan Patented Still. There are 4 bottlings. Whiskies generally show a fruity character with cinnamon, toffee, vanilla and citrus notes.

Another bottling called the Black Barrel shows biscuity notes with sugary notes. Expect a smooth and live whisky from Girvan.

All about Girvan distillery

This grain Whisky distillery is located on the Clyde, in the coastal Lowlands.

William Grant & Sons decided to build Girvan Distillery after a dispute with Distillers Company Limited. WGS decided to run a TV ad for Standfast Whisky from Grant's, DCL was against this, so WGS decided to build the Girvan distillery. They did it in just 9 months.

Original Coffey stills were used until 1995. Nowadays Girvan uses 6 column stills for its production. The distillery mainly produces grain Whisky for brands as well as Hendrick's Gin. It was also a site for Ladyburn Whisky at one point.

Distillery info

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Region: Lowlands
  • Address: Girvan Distillery Grangestone Industiral Estate Girvan Ayrshire KA26 9PT United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 1465 713091
  • Website: