All about Hakushu

The Hakushu Distillery produces a quality line up of Hakushu single malt Whiskies; a Distiller's Edition, a 12YO and an 18YO. All of the Whiskies are known to have fruity and herbal notes, the 18 year old being more fruity and tropical. All of the ranges end with a smoky character.

All about Hakushu distillery

Hakushu Distillery is located in the former town of Hakushū, now a part of Hokuto, in the Yamanashi Prefecture, on the slopes of Mount Kaikoma. Hakushu Distillery was built as a second distillery of Suntory, the first being Yamazaki.

Their aim was to create a variety of malt Whiskies. Hakushu, meaning "white sandbar" reflects the geological character of the site. Hakushu takes its water from mountains through Ojira River, which is considered to be one of the 100 exceptional water resources of Japan.

They use wooden washbacks and own varying sizes of different pot stills, which are direct fired. Hakushu generally uses Hogshead style barrels for aging.

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