All about King Car

According to Master Blender Ian Chang, Whiskies from King Car, aka Kavalan, are rich, fruity and coat the mouth. It is a great environment for a cask, being in subtropical heat and high humidity, and under the supervision of two masters, Ian Chang and Whisky maker consultant Dr. Jim Swan.

This combination makes Whisky from this distillery superb, and it all started with the Kavalan single malt. Continued with different cask finishes, and cask maturated Whiskies, Kavalan has a rich, fruity and complex profile.

All about King Car distillery

Kavalan Distillery is located at the boundary of Yi-Lan Mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The plan for the distillery was initiated in 2002, and construction was finished in 2005 in just 9 months. The first Whisky ran through the spirit safe in 2006.

In December 2008, the first bottle of Kavalan single Malt was released and they had great success. From 2009 to 2011 the distillery came out with new expressions of Kavalan. In 2011, a new King Car Whisky was introduced as King Car Conductor.

By 2016, between the master blender and the distillery itself, there were over 100 awards won in the name of Whisky. The water is acquired from the Snow and Central Mountains. The barley is imported from Scotland.

There is a copper mash tun that goes through the mashing process for 8 hours. The washbacks are stainless steel. 

There are three rounds of fermentation in King Car. One for 10 hours with a core fermenter to produce massive amounts of alcohol, and the other for 20 hours with a yeast called "fruit producer."

A final round of lactic fermentation for 30 hours completes the cycle. There are 4 pot stills in the distillery, and the Whisky ages in Bourbon, Sherry, Fino casks in a 5 story warehouse.

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