All about Lecat

Their lineup may not be as extensive as that of other Cognac Houses, but they got the essentials covered—VS Instinct, VSOP Experience, XO Memoire. Oh, they got ‘em covered real good!

Pierre Lecat Cognacs are not only for the experts, as their delicacy, subtlety, and refinement are revealed to everyone that is willing to welcome them!

Lecat appropriately titles each of their expressions: VS (The Terroir's Expression), VSOP (Warmth and Maturity), XO (Time at Work).

All about Lecat distillery

Lecat distillery is situated on a family estate in Saint Fraigne, a commune in Charente in southwestern France.

Jean Luc Lassoudière came back to Saint Fraigne to rebuild the family farm and give birth to a new vineyard since the phylloxera crisis of the 1870s destroyed a large part of vines in the Cognac region.

A hundred years later, the farm started producing a sufficient amount of quality Wine that allowed them to supply it to major Cognac houses.

They own approximately 25 Ha of vines, of which 20 are used for producing Cognac. The remaining grapes are used in the production of Pineau, grape juice, and red Wine.

Their Cognac vineyards are mainly planted with Ugni Blanc (90%), while the rest is populated with a mixture of Colombard and Folle Blanche. 

As soon as the grapes are ready, usually early in October, the harvest begins, followed by a distillation period of 5 months, between November and March.

Distillation takes place in their 40 years old traditional Charentais Alembic (copper still). Aging is done exclusively in French oak barrels with a capacity of 270 to 450 liters.

The Lecat range boasts an incredible award-winning line-up of subtly nuanced Cognacs.

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