All about Makar Gin

Makar Gin, named after the Scottish word for ‘poet’, was launched in 2014 by the Glasgow Distillery Company.

Made with juniper, rosemary, cassia bark, angelica, black pepper, coriander seed, liquorice and lemon peel, the Gin is distilled a whopping seven times in a 450-liter copper pot still named Annie.

The Glasgow Distillery Company produces four Gins (Glasgow Gin, an Old Tom Gin, Oak Aged Gin and Mulberry Aged Gin), but it’s the signature brand, Makar Gin, which has real stand out.

It’s juniper-forward, which a heavy mouthfeel which is perfect in a Martini. Housed in an heptagonal bottle (that’s seven-sided to you and me), it’ll look great on your shelf, too.