All about Mezcal Vago

Mezcal Vago is a project that began when co-founder Judah Kuper visited a hospital in Oaxaca, Mexico to treat an ear infection. He fell in love with the nurse who treated him and they eventually wed.

Coincidently, his new father-in-law was a man named Aquilino Garcia Lopez, who made incredible Mezcal in the rural village of Candelaria Yegole. Aquilino and Judah worked together to create the Vago brand, which quickly grew to include three additional producers in different regions of Oaxaca.

The town of Candelaria Yegole, where Vago originated, is a tiny mountain community of fewer than 200 people. The town’s wild and rugged nature is reflected in the Mezcal that comes from this region.

The other regions that produce Mezcal Vago are Miahuatlan, Sola de Vega, and Hacienda Tapanala, which are located in different parts of the state of Oaxaca. Each village has its own unique character and slightly varied traditional production techniques, which are utilized by Vago’s producers.

Judah and the Vago team are deeply dedicated to the communities and families that produce Vago Mezcal and they make continued investment in their various production facilities and agricultural projects.