All about Midleton

Owned by Pernod Ricard, various Whiskeys are produced in New Midleton Distillery due to the several stills that are located in premises.

This powerhouse produces world famous Whiskeys like: Jameson, William Grant & Sons' Irish Whiskey Tullamore D.E.W., Powers, Paddy, Redbreast, Green Spot, Yellow Spot and Midleton Very Rare. They are produced under the same roof.

All about Midleton distillery

This Midleton distillery is located in Midleton, County Cork. The Old Midleton Distillery began its life as a woolen mill before being converted to a distillery in 1825, by the Murphy brothers, James, Daniel and Jeremiah.

By the 1830s, Old Midleton Distillery produced 400k proof gallons and 200 people were working in it. In 1886, English historian Alfred Barnard visited the distillery, and provided an accurate description of the facility. He found the distillery ideal due to its location, still sizes and production.

Soon after his visit Irish Whiskey experienced a rapid decline in sales due to the rise of blended Whiskeys, wars, Anglo-Irish trade wars and so on. Irish Distillers was founded through the merging of John Jameson & Son, John Powers & Son and the Cork Distilleries Company.

In 1975 New Midleton Distillery was established, and the old distillery was turned into a visitor center. In 2010, the New Midleton Distillery recieved a huge investment of 200 million Euros.

Old Midleton Distillery had the world's largest pot still of 31,618 gallons and two 10,000 gallon spirit stills accompanied by a Coffey still. New Midleton Distillery has three 75,000 liter pot stills and 3 column stills. Famous Irish Whiskey brands like Jameson, Redbreast, Powers and others are produced at Midleton distillery.

Distillery info

  • Country: Ireland
  • Address: Midleton Distillery, Midleton, Co. Cork, Ireland
  • Phone: (021) 461 3594