All about Minor Case

In 1795, Jacob Beam sold his first barrels of corn Whiskey, (also known as the grandfather of Bourbon), creating his Old Hake Beam nearby to where Limestone Branch distillery currently stands.

This Rye expression is dedicated one of Jake’s descendants Minor Case Beam, an innovative distiller who was forced to give up his career during Prohibition.

Minor Case was a meticulous Whiskey maker, and this Minor Case Whiskey explores what might have been if the talent-fueled M. C. Beam had the opportunity to have his stills unsilenced through Prohibition.

Produced at Limestone Branch Distillery, Minor Case is the reawakening of Whiskey past that has received several awards including Platinum at the 2018 SIP Awards and Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

This Whiskey has complex soft notes of fruit, caramel, sherry, and summer flowers.