All about Mortlach

For much of its tenure Mortlach's production was handed off to Diageo's blenders for use in their ever-growing catalogue. Known by many as, "The Beast of Dufftown", for its meaty, full-bodied style Mortlach finally began selling its own bottlings in 1996. The official releases now available include the Rare Old and Special Strength labels, with no age statements, and the 18 and 25 year bottlings.

Fans of Mortlach know it for power and weight. A recent rebranding in 2014 positions the name as a producer of luxury single malt, and many were concerned the new blends would sacrifice the gravitas that made Mortlach such a unique character in Whisky canon. Fear not. Tipplers enjoying any of Mortlach's Whisky will enjoy bold, sulphurous depth imbued by combi

All about Mortlach distillery

The Mortlach Distillery is located in the historic burgh of Dufftown. Dufftown sits in what was the parish of Mortlach, an episcopal see and seat of Beóán of Mortlach, its first bishop as of 1012 AD.

Modern Dufftown is home to a several magnificent castles, and hosts a Highlands Games annually, making it a destination for tourists to the region.

Mortlach Distillery was founded in 1823, by one James Findlater on the site of what was previously an illegal operation. Mortlach was the first legally licensed producer in what would come to be known as the, "Whisky Capital of the World."

After changing owners periodically for 30 years, the operation was taken over wholesale by George Cowie in 1867. 30 years after that his son, Alexander Cowie expanded the distillery.

He oversaw the engineering of a rail spur known as, "The Strathspey Line", connecting it directly to Dufftown. Mortlach again changed hands in 1923, when it was purchased by John Walker and Sons

Mortlach is known for its somewhat unusual distillation process. The house has 6 stills, each of which has a different size and shape, and each of which was added at a different time in Mortlach's history. They combine to render what Mortlach calls a "2.81 distillation process."

Water arrives from the Dykehead Catsvraig, in the Conval Hills of Speyside. Mortlach's barley — also from Speyside — is unpeated. Though known for maturation in Sherry casks, Mortlach has in recent years, introduced ex-Bourbon American oak to their warehouses.

Distillery info

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Region: Speyside
  • Address: Mortlach Distillery, Dufftown, Moray AB55 4AQ, Scotland
  • Phone: +44 1340 822100
  • Website: