All about No.3 Gin

No. 3 Gin is distilled to a recipe owned by London’s oldest Wine and Spirits merchant, Berry Bros. & Rudd. It’s named after the location of the Berry Bros. & Rudd shop, which has stood at number 3 St James’s Street since 1698.

The number three also describes the botanicals in the Gin, which contains three fruit (juniper, orange and grapefruit) and three spice botanicals (angelica root, cardamom pods and coriander seed).

While this is a quintessentially British Gin -- designed specifically to make perfect Martinis -- No.3 is distilled in traditional copper pot stills for Berrys, by a family-owned company who have been distilling in Schiedam, Holland for over 300 years.

With juniper at its heart, and crafted in one of the Netherlands’ oldest distilleries, De Kuyper Royal, it unashamedly celebrates the integrity and character of traditional London Dry Gin. This is a well-balanced, strong (at 46% ABV) yet smooth Gin which works in everything from a G&T to a number of cocktails.