All about Nolet's Gin

Nolet’s Silver Gin was launched in 2010. Its fruity, floral flavours come from the unusual mix of botanicals, which includes peach, Turkish rose and raspberry.

These are the only botanicals which are disclosed, but all of them are individually macerated in neutral grain Spirit for 24 hours, before being individually distilled and then brought together and cut with more neutral grain Spirit.

The end result is a contemporary, exciting Gin. It’s fairly light on the juniper, which may put the traditionalists off. To make the most of the flavor, we’d recommend having it neat or on the rocks, in the same way you’d drink Scotch.

All about Nolet's Gin distillery

The Nolet Distillery history goes back more than 325 years. In 1691, Joannes Nolet opened a Jenever Distillery in Schiedam. In 1735, the family acquired a grain mill to ensure they always had a fresh supply for its products. In the early 1800s, the distillery moved the location to the site on which it still resides today.

In 1941, Carolus Nolet took over the business and is still head of the distillery today. He launched Ketel One Vodka and Ketel One Jenever, but it wasn’t until 2010 that Nolet’s Finest Gins were launched. Today, the company continues to produce Gins, Vodkas, and Jenevers.

The De Nolet tower, the tallest windmill in the world, powers the distillery today with green energy. Visitors to the distillery will be greeted at the De Nolet tower and will have the opportunity to see the original copper pot still, bottling line, and more.

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