All about Saffron

Saffron Gin was launched in 2008, when the Gin’s French parent company was challenged to come up with a London Dry Gin with a twist, which would appeal to the British market.

Luckily, the company’s archives surfaced an old recipe from the 19th century, when France had colonies in India. The recipe boasted expensive spices distilled in Gin. Today, the recipe calls for 9 different botanicals, including coriander, juniper, citrus peels, iris, fennel and of course, Saffron.

All the botanicals are macerated in wheat Spirit before distillation takes place. Saffron is infused after distillation, to give off the color and depth of flavor. Although this does mean the Gin cannot be classified as a London Dry Gin – which stipulates that no flavors can be introduction post-distillation.

Saffron Gin has a balanced flavor – it’s very typically Gin, but with a lingering, soft Saffron flavor on the tongue. Worth seeking out and trying in a G&T.